Top 10 Features of Multi Restaurant Delivery Software

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the course of mankind around the globe to a great extent in all aspects of lifestyle. It has brought us to believe how we can live our lives in any situation if we work in solidarity. Thanks to the new digital revolution.

Amidst the entire chaos, we have to take care of the bare necessities of life – food, shelter, and clothing.

With that being said, Food is the elixir of leading a healthy life. It is primarily the most important source that needs to be brought to light.

With the digitization of almost everything, the food industry has not set a foot back and is running at a great pace helping people with offering great food quality options required whenever and wherever.

So, if you’re looking to boost up your food business, you need to jumpstart right away and launch your game in this race to reach a mile high in your business.

You can start by launching your own food service app. With great knowledge about the market dynamics and customer requirements, you can hit the right nail to establish your foothold in the market.

The addition of apt features filters and sorting methods will surely appeal to the customers and will add great value to your brand.

Being your own food app, you can extensively choose your options of listing and broaden the horizon with a great concoction of different tools to ace up your play. However, it is necessary to understand what is required rather than flooding it with options which may also make it overwhelming for the customer which may not be what we want. Judicious planning and optimum utilization will help build a strong edifice for our app.

Hence, we have listed below the top 10 features that will help build a perfect multi restaurant delivery software:

Multiple payment options& Payment Gateway Integration

Simplifying payment using options like UPI, Debit and Credit Card, Payment Gateway, and Cash on delivery. According to the reports, the transaction value of mobile payment apps will have a scorching growth of nearly $14 trillion. Hence, offering the flexibility to pay for orders online will make it even more convenient. It is also necessary for apps to have a payment gateway. You can have third-party payment gateways to integrate into your app through SDK[software development kit]. These will conduct all the bank transactions, secure the data, and be responsible to take care of the payments.

Real-time tracking

The customer should be given the option to track their order. Tracking order status is one of the most demanded features which is very significant. With the details of the delivery man, movement of the rider, and these times his temperature and vaccination details we have a more effective and trustworthy delivery experience.

Brand Loyalty Wallet

A little reward can go a long way. Customers would love to be rewarded for their loyalty. Build a community, reward them with a loyal wallet and cashback. Set up special offers to attract new customers and reward the existing customers. Keep them engaged through your loyalty program and milestone-based rewards.

Constant changes in the app to match the dynamics of the changing market will help compete with other giants in the market. By sharing a feedback link after an order, the customer can help you in different ways, wherein, they can share their views on the services.

Getting started with OTP& True Caller Recognition

Get start with offering your customers a smooth onboarding experience with Logging in wherein a One Time Pin [OTP] is generated to create the customer profile. Moreover, you can skip the entire OTP process; instead, opt for a simple verification and registration process. With a great App like Truecaller, this is used by more than 150 million users in India. If a customer logs in, you can initiate with Truecaller Verification and get them on deck in seconds.

GPS & Locality Based Store location

Time and distance are directly proportional to success in business second to the taste factor. It is necessary for you it strategically provides customers easy access to find restaurants in their area. The GPS service can help you counter the problem and help customers find the right restaurant ensuring timely delivery. In addition, the GPS integration will not only help with accessing location details but will also help in assessing the time required to reach the location.

Relevant Development of the Menu

Develop a menu that appeals to every kind of customer. Relevance is key. Adding loads of food items with quirky names and a little description under every food item will help the customer with a better understanding of the dish. Customization and personalization are in great demand. You can add an option for a personalized menu by the name and add different filters e.g. vegetarian or non-vegetarian. You can also add the review and rating column which can help the customers decide better among the given options. A visual experience is believed to increase the conversion rate by 25 percent compared to a text menu as a customer would like to see the dish before ordering it. So, try including images in every category. The use of images will not only increase the chances of order but may also lighten up your chances of being more identifiable.

Promo & offer management

Fancy offers and interesting mobile marketing strategies within the app are crucial. Promos and offers help with more downloads and an increase in sales. Inhibit the working of promos and offers when ordered through the app only as this will entice customers to download your app. Personalization of offers using the demographics, search or order history, events can help a lot since its appeal to customers is more relevant in this case. Eventually, all of this will increase brand loyalty in the market.

Simplification of the order placement process

The simple reason people order online is that it is convenient. You should simplify the order placement procedure which would help the customer in having a better experience while ordering online.GPS locator, past order history, saving more than one address, payment history, and other such relevant tools can help give the customer a smooth experience. Introducing a maximum number of localities, delivery radius calculator, and different wallets, payment gateways are a few out of many ways available.

Extensive ordering options

The addition of different options of ordering will bring about a change in the ordering manner. Customers should be allowed to order their meals remotely at any stipulated time. Online payment, Pickup/Takeaway, or drive-in are different ways to up the game. You can also introduce a safe and contactless dine-in experience by tagging in the Scan-Order-Pay method. Using this feature, customers can easily order and pay by simply scanning the QR which helps initiate the social distancing factor.

Customer feedback, rating & reviews

This is the most effective way of getting the customer’s viewpoint of your business. Simplistic rating and reviewing should be available to the customer at any given point. Feedback filters should be introduced that will help customers order from the best-reviewed.


Be a restaurant owner looking to venture big in the market or an entrepreneur investing in the food business, the above-mentioned points are a guideline to run your business successfully even in these times.

According to a report[Google and Boston Consulting Group], India’s food industry is expanding ten folds and will be 8 billion markets by 2022-growing at a CAGR of 25-30 percent.

This is proof enough for you to know that investing in an online multi-restaurant delivery software can give you great returns.

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