ITSM Future Readiness Survey Results 2017

Much like any other industry of today, IT service management (ITSM) is an ever-changing and continually-evolving discipline. This makes it challenging to observe and analyze trends, and to understand what the future of ITSM will be like. That’s why we at ManageEngine collaborated with to conduct an ITSM future readiness survey, in order to discover what the future holds for ITSM. The survey consisted of 10 questions covering 5 key areas of:

  • Working in IT
  • The impact of politics on IT staffing
  • New technology
  • Best practice, and
  • Meeting service expectations.

The survey, that garnered responses from more than 300 ITSM professionals, posed direct questions pertaining to the trends and events that are likely to shape the future of IT. The report analyzes the responses to these questions and attempts to explore what the ITSM of tomorrow will be like, and how it will affect the ITSM professionals. The survey report thus aims to help IT teams in understanding and preparing for, the future challenges and opportunities that await the ITSM industry.

This infographic lists all the data points with brief takeaways to help you gain a quick understanding. However, this is barely scratching the surface as the full survey report analyzes the findings in much greater detail. The report presents a rationale for the existing scenario and future trends and goes on to paint a picture of the future of ITSM that you can use to become future ready. Click here to read the full report for free.

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