Benefits of an effective knowledge base and steps to build one

IT help desk managers face several productivity issues, one of which is, long resolution times that result in tickets piling up.

Implementing an effective knowledge base is one simple method to improve team productivity.

A typical knowledge base stores resolutions, workarounds, and best practices that help reduce ticket inflow, improve resolution times, increase first call resolution rates, reduce the percentage of repeat incidents, and increase the self-service portal usage.

Despite the benefits of having a good knowledge base, IT help desk managers, more often than not, delay implementing one due to the day-to-day pressures of managing a help desk team.

After fire-fighting all day, they don’t have the mental energy to step back and think strategically about creating a knowledge base.

To help IT help desk managers overcome this challenge, experts from the ServiceDesk Plus team share six simple ideas to build an effective knowledge base.”

Build an effective help desk knowledge base (KBase)

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