Raising the Bar for Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is of vital importance – it marks the difference between someone making a one-off purchase and a happy customer that returns to your business time and time again, bringing in more revenue and perhaps developing into a brand advocate, introducing new customers to your business.

A customer that has a negative experience with your organization can cause harm to your organization – not only do you lose future income from that customer, but leveraging social media that customer has the power to cause great damage to your business reputation. And with consumers becoming increasingly tech-savvy, this is an aspect of customer relations that cannot be ignored or swept under the carpet.

The good news is that this potential damage can be minimized, and the target of raising customer satisfaction is highly achievable using the tools available within a CRM solution.

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One area which can cause dissatisfaction is the disparity between what the marketing offers and what the sales deliver.  A CRM solution contains data and information from all departments of an organization, ensuring that customer service is performing on the promises made by the marketing team – the shared data means everyone is put on the same page, and your customer is not disappointed with a product or service that does not deliver on the promises made.

Another source of frustration is poor customer service and the slow resolution of customer support issues. Post-sales product and service support are just as important as the sale in terms of ensuring repeat business. With this in mind, a CRM solution provides you with a rich history of each customer relationship, showing all transactions and correspondence that have taken place. This provides the post-sales team with any necessary background information to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

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A further way of ensuring high customer satisfaction is by maintaining a close relationship with your clients. A CRM solution can assist you in seeing when any customers are making fewer purchases. Running reports on your customer accounts enable you to track purchasing history, giving you the chance to take action when a drop in sales is noticed, or by offering a reward, incentive, or some kind of loyalty benefit to your best customers.

Overall, cloud-based CRM puts you in a strong position by giving you an insight into your customer’s present and future and enables you to service their needs at a high level, helping you on your journey of raising customer satisfaction.

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