Rapid web application development tool for .NET and Java

Is your organization’s team of web developers still writing .NET or Java codes from scratch?

If you feel that they are taking too much time to complete your required custom web application, then you might want to get the team to check out this rapid web application development tool for .NET and Java – The Agile Platform by Outsystems.

The agile platform allows custom enterprise web apps to be developed and delivered faster and better.

Rather than having to write thousands of lines of codes from scratch, web app developers just need to use the drag and drop GUI tool (AgilePlatform Service Studio 5.1) and once completed, codes will be automatically generated.

If your web developer can read and write codes, it won’t be long before he learns how to leverage on the agile platform for all his development needs.

In case you’re wondering what type of apps can be developed via this rapid web application development tool, here’s are some successful case studies:

About a few months ago I did download the Agile Platform and installed it on my virtual machine. However, I did not complete the evaluation process simply because it took to much time to setup and install all the required components.

Some time last month Outsystems improved the evaluation process a lot. Now you only have to download a small program and a cloud server will be installed and provided. You no longer need to test the Agile Platform on a virtual machine as I did before.

I downloaded the Agile Platform IDE for Windows (19MB) and installed it directly on my Windows Vista.

Once installed within 5 minutes, I get to start the platform server for a 3-day free trial in the cloud. Note that you’ll need to have an internet connection for the cloud server to work seamlessly.

All these while I’ve heard of cloud servers but haven’t actually seen it in action. With this platform server, I now see how convenient and reliable cloud servers can be.

The next few evaluation steps includes going through tutorials with walkthrough steps.

Overall I found the tutorials informative and useful as I learned more on how the Agile Platform works.

Besides helping application developers develop apps faster, what I also like about the Agile Platform has to be its embedded process automation technology which is capable of guiding users through predetermined business processes.

With the Outsystems business process technology, you can build and maintain the application and process together all within the single platform.

Just think of it as a built in BPM tool within your application development platform.

There are many other features released in Outsystems Agile Platform version 5.1:

  • Embedded Tutorials to bring new Agile Platform users up to speed quickly
  • IntelliWarpTM Technology that lets you quickly create a full web application
  • Server Side Caching for your integrations, database access and business logic
  • Automated Documentation to ease knowledge transfer about your application
  • Multiple Database Catalogs and Schemas for data security and storage optimization
  • SEO Friendly URLs that enables you to change and optimize URLs that appear to your end users

For more details and information on how your IT development team can benefit from the rapid web application development tool for .NET and Java, do check out Outsystems and give the IDE with cloud server capability a try today!

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