Building an On-Demand Food Ordering App: 6 Essential Features

Who would have thought ten years back that one can generate good profits by making doorstep food deliveries? But now anyone can start an online food ordering service by just building an on-demand food ordering app. Nowadays, startups such as  UberEats, Deliveroo, Swiggy, Zomato. etc. are earning great profits in the food delivery business.

With the advent of innovative food delivery apps, people’s daily lives have become faster, simpler, and easier. Today, customers do not have much time to go out to get food. That is why they are becoming dependent on on-demand food delivery apps. So if you are having a food delivery business then you should think of offering an on-demand food delivery app to your customers.

However, making a profitable on-demand food delivery app is not so easy, you have to do an in-depth analysis of the food delivery app markets and develop a robust on-demand food delivery solution. For this, you can take the help of an experienced software development team or you can outsource your app development work to remote developers.

Before you start talking with a software company you need to understand what features an on-demand food ordering app will offer you.

Features of a successful on-demand food ordering app

When you are planning to start on-demand delivery app development for your food delivery business then you need to know the features of a food delivery app first. Here are some essential features that you should implement into your on-demand food delivery app:

1.   Robust Dashboard

The on-demand food delivery solution contains a feature-rich admin panel that makes it easy for you to manage your drivers, vendors, and customers. With an admin panel,  you can easily add, remove or modify your vendors, customers, and drivers. Also, you can resolve the customer complaints from here.

Apart from this, you can use the admin panel to manage and set up commission rates for both the vendors and drivers. Also, the admin panel allows you to know multiple statuses of your deliveries such as ongoing, canceled, and completed.

2.   Push notifications

As online food ordering is at the peak, chances are there that your customers are using multiple apps to order food. So for getting ahead of the competition your app needs to be the center of attraction to your customers. And push notifications can help you with this.

By sending push notifications to your customers, you can convey multiple information to your customers such as discounts, cashback, and location-based special offers, etc.

Ensure that you send limited notifications only. Otherwise, your customers will get irritated. Also, try to manage your notifications in such a way that they fasten the growth of your food delivery app.

3.   Smart Search

Offer the smart search feature in your on-demand food delivery app. This feature helps the user to find their favorite cuisine or restaurant in their city. Also, customers can sort restaurants using multiple criteria.

By using this feature, users can search for their favorite lip-smacking food in different hotels. Also, they can sort the food as per its price.

4.   Effective Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is one of the important features of a food delivery app that enables users to get the real-time status of their food deliveries. It helps the user to recognize the food-delivery location. And once they confirm the location, customers can track the live movement and progress of their deliveries.

Thanks to the real-time tracking feature, customers can now check the progress of their order right from the time of placing it. Additionally, the customer can track the status of the driver on the map when the order gets out for delivery. Thus, real-time tracking is one of the most effective ways to track food orders.

5.   Multiple Payment Integration

Payments are essential for every business and the same applies to on-demand food delivery. If your customer fails to use your payment methods then there are the chances that they might uninstall your app any time. So you need to make your payments easier for the customers. For this, you can consider using multiple payment methods to accept payments from the customer.

These payments can include credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, online banking, cash on delivery, etc. Also, you can allow your customers to apply for a promo code or discount coupon at the time of payment. In this way, integrating multiple payment methods can help you to provide a safe and speedy payment experience to your customers.

6.   Customer loyalty

A loyal customer base is the strength of any business. But to make a great customer base, you need to extend the reach of your service to a larger group of people. This is where customer loyalty comes into the picture.

By using multiple customer loyalty methods like a discount or a cashback, you can attract more customers for your food delivery business. Also, you can offer some games or quizzes to boost customer interaction for your app.

Apart from these, you can also offer loyalty points to the customers on every purchase they will make through your app. Customers can redeem these loyalty points at the time of the next purchase.

Final Thoughts

There are no ready-made success recipes for the food delivery business. The only way to generate great revenues is to understand your consumer demands well and start providing services that satisfy these demands. And for this, you need to build a seamless on-demand delivery solution for your food delivery business.

On-demand food delivery apps are gaining immense popularity among the customer due to its robust features. Also, the food delivery business has a strong growth curve. So this is the right time for you to build an online food ordering app to make a mark in the on-demand markets. If you are looking for the right solution provider who can guide you through the process then stay in touch with us.

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