Open Source Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard Software

Your organization was recently restructured and has developed its very own vision and mission.

Restructure with mission and vision

With the new vision and mission you plan to create strategy maps and balanced scorecards to fully understand the corporate’s goals and objectives.

In essense, the strategy defines “We are THIS type of Organization” while the scorecard defines “HOW are we THIS type of Organization”.

There are multiple ways to implement strategy maps and balanced scorecard. Some would just draw and chart them out then distribute as a memo to respective staffs. For those who are technology savvy, they would use open source strategy map and balanced scorecard software to help with the implementation.

Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard Software is provided by a campany called Applied PC Systems Pty Ltd based in Australia.

Some of the available features include:

  • The Startup program has 10 modules which include Vision/Mission/Swot, Strategy Map, Balanced Scorecard, Drill-Down Dashboard, Options, Log File and Database Integrity Checker.
  • The Balanced Scorecard Objectives Grid is a highly adaptable multi-purpose table. 15 user defined columns can be defined in a variety of formats.
  • The Initiatives tables are also highly adaptable with 24 user defined columns.
  • The Drill-Down Dashboard module allows column-based cross-referencing throughout the whole Strategic Plan.
  • The Closed Loop Learning Performance system thus originates from the Gantt Chart, back up through the Initiatives & Objectives Tables, the Organizational Tree and finally into the Strategy Map.

Some sample screenshots:Strategy Map

open source balanced scorecard strategy map

open source balanced scorecard strategy map

Head on over to and check out the Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard Software

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