React Best Practises: Developers Must Know These 8 Best Practises

Did you know? React is the most used framework among developers in 2021; almost 40.14% of developers choose React among all the frameworks, according to Statista. But what is React? Let me clear this first, “React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible framework of JavaScript, used for building user interfaces.”

With the help of React’s small and isolated components (codes), you can develop complex UIs more easily and quickly than other frameworks. Now you know what Reactjs is. So, let’s discuss the React js best practises that help you build user interfaces.

What Are The React Best Practises That A Developers Must Know In 2022?

Are you a React Developer? And engaging in building great user interfaces?

Do you want to make your application load faster? Want to know how it can be made possible? Use React.js best practices! By the way, did you know the React best practices? Don’t panic; we are here to help you. Here are the top 8 Best practices from React that you must know as a developer in 2022:

Know The Essential Concepts Of The JavaScript

If you have a basic experience of working with JavaScript, you can move forward to ReactJS, but if you want to develop your career as a ReactJS developer and need to know A to Z of ReactJS, some basic and vital JavaScript concepts include;

  • IIFE
  • MVC Structure
  • Closure
  • Async/await
  • Scope
  • Callback

And many more. These concepts are the core of ReactJS, and if you know these, you will smoothly complete any complex task of ReactJS.

Do Not Make Unnecessary Comments

Writing comments everywhere in your code makes the code messy and incomprehensible, which negatively impacts others’ minds because they can’t understand your logic due to messy coding content. So, do not write unnecessary comments which lead your code towards failure.

Small And Crisp Components

The use of small and to the point coding components is one of the best practices to help Reactjs developers. Using large components leads to more trouble. Because when you find any bugs in a ReactJS application, finding the larger components and fixing them will take too much time. However, debugging any issues takes time, but you will require more than average time to use larger coding components.

Remember, a sound coding system contains smaller components that will make your project easy to maintain and bug-free. Reusability is one of the core benefits of using smaller modules, which means you don’t need to write the codes repeatedly; even in other projects, you can use the same component.

In the case of large components, there is a chance to write the same component a second or third time in the same project. So, do not use large components, instead, break the components and make them small and to the point.

Know The Difference Of Stateful & Stateless Components

You must know the reason behind using stateful components in the coding; unless and until you don’t understand the particular cause of using it, you can’t take advantage of the same.

Stateful components remember every information about the component’s state. On the other hand, stateless components cannot remember anything; instead, they only process the data you feed. Let us take an example of the stateful component;

// Stateful component

class User extends React.Component {

constructor() {


this.state = {

users: []



render() {

return (

<UserList users={this.state.users} />




// Stateless component

const UserList = ({users}) => {

render() {

return (


{ => {

return <li>user</li>;






This is how stateful data works, so now we guess you understand when to use stateless data and when to use stateful data. Thus, choose wisely to complete the project smoothly.

Give Name To The Component

There are two categories of names like ‘User’ & ‘VipUser,’ and the choice is yours. The ‘User’ can be used anywhere, but it is confusing in a large project.

On the other hand, ‘VipUser’ has limited use of context, and it is controllable. So, choose wisely according to the needs of your projects and name the components accordingly.

Follow Capitalization Rule While Naming The Components

Use the naming style you can remember easily, so just name it simple ‘VipUser.’

that is, capitalizing the first letter of the word.

Rather than ‘vip_user’ or ‘viper’ or ‘_vipUser’ or ‘VipUser_’ Moreover, follow the same naming rule throughout the process, which smoothies the whole coding process.

Make Use of Functional Components

During the initial stages of a development career, every React developer gets confused about whether to use functional components or class components. With the experience, one realizes that it is best to use Functional components since they are easy to read and test. Besides, it is relatively smaller and is stateless.

With functional components, it becomes easy to extract smaller components for reuse, and you don’t require binding as well.

Must Use Testable Coding

The advanced level coding and ReactJS best practices suggest making code simple and small, understandable, and testable. You can use various tools, one of them we especially recommend is ‘Jest,’ through which you can checkout and satisfy your code coverage. You can use ‘React Testing Library’ to test the minor components of your ReactJS project, and you can get quick and smooth results.

Keep Related Files In a Single Folder

Let’s just take an example; if you are working on components and their stylings, keep everything in a single folder or file to easily find them whenever you need them during the whole project.

You don’t need to jump around the hierarchy if you need anything you completed before and kept in the same folder, which saves your time and money. Sometimes it might be possible that while finding the previous task that you already did, you might lose track of work, which impacts the whole project. So it is best to keep all the related files in a single folder.

React Best Practices

Into Nut Shell

These all are the best practices for react development that you must follow while working on the ReactJS project. You can use so many frameworks to develop single-page or multipage applications. Still, developers choose ReactJS especially for the single page application because you can work smoothly with ReactJS, and its small components help you complete the project on time and without a single bug.

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