Best web app trends to look out for into 2022

Constant changes online mean new trends to watch out for when designing or updating web apps.

Developers and businesses will want to keep up with the latest trends to boost security, improve engagement and drive new business.

Some of the top trends to keep an eye on include the following.

Increase in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity continues to be a top priority for iPhone app developers.

Spam, hacking, and other security risks online cost businesses thousands of dollars if they become a victim, so it’s important to focus on prevention.

As the internet continues to grow and change, so does cybercrime.

Cybersecurity will become more important over the upcoming year to help prevent more crimes online and protect everyone.

Focus on Voice Searches

With voice-activated devices and the ease of searching via voice on the search engines, there’s going to be an increased focus on voice searches in the upcoming year and how they impact optimization to bring in new customers.

Currently, 58% of consumers have used voice search to find local business information, and 40% use it daily, so this is definitely something to take note of in the upcoming year.

More Push Notifications

Push notifications are an easy way to reach out to customers to remind them to stop by the website, open an app, or do some other task.

Studies are showing that these are more impactful than other types of communication with consumers, so they’re going to become more prevalent over the next year.

Businesses can look into how to use push notifications to their advantage to reach more customers.

Mobile-Friendly Developments

Since 2015, the number of people going online using mobile devices has increased from around 31% to 54.8%.

The number is expected to keep climbing, so creating mobile apps and responsive websites is a must.

Consumers want an easy way to access information on any device, so mobile-friendly developments will need to increase over the coming year to keep up with this demand and help make sure all customers have access to the business’s information.

Increase in AI Chatbots

Consumers today want answers quickly.

They don’t want to wait in line to speak with someone if it can be avoided.

Many questions, however, are simple to answer.

This is where AI chatbots can help.

AI chatbots are able to talk to customers through chat programs and answer a variety of simple questions.

If further help is needed, the customer can still speak with an employee.

Over the next year, expect an increase in AI chatbots, as this can help get out more information faster and cut down on the time needed for customers to wait to speak with an employee.

If you’re ready to start working on a web app for your business or you’d like to upgrade what you have, make sure you know about the newest trends and what’s going to be the most important for the upcoming year.

Consider taking advantage of the trends here to do more with your web app.


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