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Are you currently an owner of a school or college, or even thinking of starting one? If yes, did you know that a school management system helps to manage the various aspects of a school such as students, teachers, courses, grades, transcripts, and many more.

Every school, no matter how big or small can utilize a school management system to gain some of the following benefits:

  • Easily track student demographics (for example, 70% are female students)
  • Store key student information such as addresses and contact numbers in case of emergencies.
  • Assist in scheduling courses for both teachers and students.
  • Track student attendance.
  • Notify students via SMS in case a class is canceled.

Most school management systems these days are usually built from scratch based on a school’s actual requirements. This approach takes the most time and effort to achieve.

If your school is a new start-up, and you really need a system to be in place before the first few students enroll, you can consider utilizing this free and open source student management system called OpenSIS – Open Source Student Information System.

opensis logoOpenSIS is a free web-based student information system that is comparable to other costly commercial alternatives in terms of features, looks, ease of use, and administration.

Although OpenSIS is well known as a student information system, I have installed and tried it out on my development environment and found out that it allows you to manage more than just student information such as:

  • Teachers
  • Users
  • Grades
  • Report Cards
  • Health Records
  • Parent Portal
  • Transcripts
  • Courses and Activities

OpenSIS is a web-based solution that can be installed on the following platform:

  • Web Server: Apache
  • Database: Either PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Programming Language: PHP

I believe OpenSIS is not just useful for local schools and colleges but also for:

  • Music schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Dancing academies
  • Martial arts schools
  • Private institutions
  • Tuition classes

To easily evaluate if these OpenSIS features and capabilities suites your school, simply head over to OpenSIS website and click on the Try Now button to give it a test without having to install anything. Hope this tool recommendation helps academicians and school administrators out there!

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