How to get free ITIL v3 Toolkit and Resources

A Must: The Complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment Kitthe-art-of-serviceIn the last post, I talked about the key differences between ITIL v2 and ITIL v3. While researching on ITIL v3, I stumbled on this site called The Art of Service.

The Art of Service is authorised by the Examination Institute EXIN to act as an examination venue for specified Examinations provided by EXIN and they have a dedicated development team that consists of IT Service Management Professionals with over 20 years of experience.

Browsing through the site, this advertisement popped up:

Free itil Toolkit

I was supprised to see that the ITIL v3 Toolkit that I used to promote is now available for Free. This material is worth $249 if not given out free. Without hesitating I entered my email in the textbox above. Moments later, an email which required my verification reached my mailbox. Verifying the mail allowed me to proceed to download the free ITIL v3 Toolkit.

The ITIL Toolkit is nearly 40mb in size and has the following key resources in the zipped file:

  • ITIL v3 FACT SHEETS [Folder
  • ITIL IT Service Management Beginners Guide v7.2 [Word Doc
  • Toolkit Roadmap – ITIL v3 Starter Kit [Word Doc]
  • Toolkit Introduction Presentation – ITIL v3 Starter Kit [Powerpoint Doc]
  • Presentation  ITIL Service Management Practices Executive Overview [Powerpoint Doc]

Looking through each of these resources, I realized that the content is rich in ITIL information and is suitable not just for the ITIL implementors but for managers and salespersons as well. I find the best resource to be the ITIL Service Management Practices Executive Overview since the powerpoint format presents ITIL in a graphical and logical format making it easier to grasp and understand as compared to the other resources which are filled with text and jargons.

If you’re into ITIL and planning to do some work on it, wait no more, head on over to The Art of Service to get your very own ITIL v3 toolkit while it’s still available for FREE.

Accredited ITIL® training is provided by THE ART OF SERVICE, an EXIN Accredited Training Organisation

* Updated 28 Jan 2010

Sorry guys… the free ITIL V3 Toolkit has been replaced with an eBook entitled “ITIL V3 Implementation Quick Guide – The Art of Stress-Free IT Service Management”. Still a good read, so make sure you grab it by subscribing to their newsletter.

* Updated 13 Feb 2012

Checkout this free IT Readiness Assessment Tool by Info-Tech, Click on the screenshot below to proceed.

* Updated 12 Apr 2016

ITIL® v3 Foundation Study Guide



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  • Yes there is still a free offer by a popup, if you enter the website ( The popup creates a cookie, so if you delete the cookie you will get a new popup you visit the site next time.. ).

    At the moment, the free gift is not the “ITIL v3 Toolkit” ( though the first of the two confirmation emails claim to provide it for the email registration), but

    ” TIL V3 Implementation Quick Guide – The Art of Stress-Free IT Service Management”
    by the boss of TheArtOfService, Ivanka Menken.

    though the delivered PDFs consist of a cover page PDF and a PDF called “IMPLEMENTING ITIL
    SERVICE MANAGEMENT, NOT AN ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ APPROACH” which is IMHO not the same as promised by the cover title…


  • As you have the ITIL Toolkit then it is better if you upload it on some free site and put the link here so that we can download it too from the link…

  • vineet
    1) I don´t have the original free offer “ITIL v3 Toolkit “, just the new book
    2) Its up to Ivanka Menken to provide presents to faithful and/or new users. So upload at a public place of any of here documents is not… legal
    3) Well… check the popup advertising banner regularly, by visiting the website regularly,
    to get any further free offers by Ivana.
    4) Ivana Menken looks nice on the photos :-), so don´t ruin her business. Probably it was VERY hard to find paying customers for the “ITIL V3 Toolkit”…
    maybe the item was not that great as a customer might expect for $249… ( this is MUCH more than a standard book price !)
    5) Just read the CURRENT free book offer, and judge yourself if you want further informations of Ivana Menken’s, if you like her style, her management approach, her expertness….
    6) If you don´t have enough time to read the current free offer… why do you want other free offers ?!
    Just consume what you may consume, in the small spare time you have in your life…


  • I would have assumed an Open Framework such as ITIL to have its framework explained in an open manner as a free E-Book. Anyway, Its good it remained open and accessible unlike some other frameworks.

    Gopalakrishna Palem

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