List of IT Service Management (ITSM) tools

Is your organization planning to adopt IT Service Management (ITSM) processes to provide better services to clients?

If yes, then you may be looking for the right software or tool to assist in automating the processes.

Just like any other software out there, finding the right ITSM software that fits into your service management processes can be a challenge. Many organizations found out that they need to change the way they do things in order to follow how the ITSM software works. In the end, implementing an ITSM software that doesn’t gel well with current processes can slow things down rather than improve efficiency and performance.

It is crucial to really understand the various processes that your organization is adopting prior to selecting the right ITSM tool. Let’s take an example. Your organization is constantly struggling with managing the changes required for the ERP system. The bosses are saying that the reports do not look presentable. The people keying in the data are complaining of a bad user experience. With all these constant demands for changes, it seems vital to put in some proper change management processes.

Without hesitating, the IT team decides to find the right tool to manage all these changes. One vendor comes in to implement software just to manage changes required to the ERP system. Once implemented, the vendor leaves and over a period of a few months, your team realizes that there is a need for a front-end service desk capability to better manage the users. But when you return to the vendor to ask for some extension/enhancement, the cost seems to be very high. It sounds like some sort of vendor lockdown scenario.

When considering ITSM software, there are a few things to consider:

  • Is the software scalable?
  • Can the software be enhanced?
  • Is the software on the same platform which hosts most of your organization’s applications?
  • Is the software customizable? Or must the vendors come in every time a small tweak is required?

For more details on how to choose the right ITSM software for your organization, do take some time to watch this webcast on Requirements to Consider When Looking at ITSM Tools.

From the webcast, you should have a better understanding of selecting ITSM tools that best suit your organization. The following is a list of IT Service Management (ITSM) tools for you to evaluate. Note that these tools are not listed in any particular order.

ITSM Tools List

ManageEngine 360 ITSM Suite allows your organizations to capture and centralize reported issues. It’s used by organizations to manage requests for multiple teams like IT, facilities, marketing, and HR. With this powerful technology, it provides a 360-degree command center to monitor & control your entire IT. Stay in control of your network, servers, and applications to ensure constant continuity for your business. offers a Service Desk capability that enables businesses to efficiently manage customer support requests. The platform includes features such as ticket management, automation of routine tasks, and integrations with popular support tools like Zendesk and Freshdesk. By leveraging AI-powered chatbots, businesses can improve response times and deliver more personalized support to their customers, while also reducing the workload for their support teams. Additionally, the platform provides analytics and reporting to help businesses track key metrics and optimize their support operations.

Freshworks products are the perfect complement to most back-office management tools. Many have been relying on Freshworks tools for years to provide integrated mission-critical solutions to service departments, as well as internal customers. In addition to being an outstanding product, Freshworks also offers excellent service and high-level customer-success support, which makes them our Tier-1 solution for smart and efficient customer engagement cloud solutions. Key FreshService features include IT Service Desk, ITSM, MSP, IT Asset Management, Dashboard, and Reporting.

TechExcel ServiceWise is a help desk and ITSM solution which allows you to handle your service and support processes.  Some key features of ServiceWise include incident tracking, workflow-enabled email management, complete incident workflow, reports and analysis, knowledge management, and more. Clients who deploy ServiceWise benefit from being able to provide a holistic support process to ensure that employees are more productive at the same time reduce IT support costs.

Epicor ITSM provides a robust set of service management features that support key IT processes outlined by ITIL version 2 and ITIL version 3 and has been certified by Pink Elephant as ITIL Compatible in five key service management areas incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, and service level management.

Octopus is one of the first IT service management applications available on demand. Originally released in October 2005, Octopus is now used on a daily basis by close to 5,000 users. Octopus is not a help desk solution having simply been adapted to conform to ITIL. It has been built from the ground up upon ITIL specifications. For this reason, Octopus enables you to easily and efficiently introduce ITIL best practices. Octopus has modules in the following key service management areas: incident management, change management, problem management, configuration management, service level management, and event management.

Sostenuto ITSM is an advanced, fully browser-based IT service management solution featuring pre-built processes for every ITIL discipline. ITSM facilitates a lifecycle approach, in keeping with recent ITIL 3 guidelines, and offers superior change management, advanced remote access, and the ability to extend to further functions within your organization such as HR and procurement. Key processes include Incidents, Problems, Changes, Configuration, Knowledge, Service Levels, Release, Product, Order, and Contract Management.


—————- End of ITSM tools  ——————–

I’m sure there are more ITSM tools than those listed above. Feel free to add more in the comment box below. Thanks, and enjoy!

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  • We’re currently evaluating Hornbill:

    We saw Frontrange first and, to us, it looks about a million times better and seems to do what we need.

    It is also cheaper although Frontrange have matched the price.

    One advantage is that it runs on MySQL (free) and the next major version has planned Linux support, which is important to us as we are a Linux shop.

  • Few more ITIL based tools are:
    1.HP Service Manager
    2.HP Service Center & Desk
    3.OTRS (open Source)
    4.Service Now
    5.BMC Remedy

  • Kovair’s IT Service Management Solution(Kovair ITSM Studio) provides a workflow-based configurable global platform for implementing IT Service Management processes, distributed over multiple geographic locations and across multiple organizations accessed 24×7 over the Web. Kovair ITSM is based on the best practice guidelines of ITIL v3. It is available both as On-Premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) model.Further, users have an option to configure it to their own specific needs without having to tie it to any Standards.

    More information is available at:

  • This is list just scratching the surface as sandeep mentioned. I would encourage a full investigation into SaaS for any implementer.

  • CMDBCloud was built “from the bottom up” to get your IT operations ITIL ready!

    We’ve mixed social networking technology with a flexible, dynamic framework to keep your staff and customers well in tune.

  • How is Zoho’s Manageengine IT360 ITSM tool? Any experience in the enterprise level organazation…

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