Chatbots: Revolution and Innovation in Companies

All companies need technology to grow. Some establish trends while others take advantage of innovations to improve their existing products or services. Innovations can provide new business opportunities and relationships with customers. Meet the latest trends in mobile applications and apply the best to your company.

It is not difficult to predict that robots will be the protagonists in the relations between companies and their customers in the coming years. The change in the user profile of certain services has caused companies to start worrying about wanting to be where customers are.

It is evident that the development of AI will have many and varied repercussions in all areas of life. They will be repercussions, economic, social, labor, cultural … maybe too many. And maybe that’s why we have spent a lot of time talking and writing about it.

Currently, users seek immediacy at the time of performing any procedure and hence the use of chatbots integrated into social networks, by companies, is a safe bet and adapted to their potential customers. The implantation of the bots in the strategies of the companies is going to be another great step in its technological revolution. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently pointed out, bots are becoming new apps. Thus, the conversations from person to person will be left aside, giving way to the relationship between people and robots based on artificial intelligence.

To understand this technological revolution and how it will affect both companies and users, it is important to know certain points that will develop next in this article.

What are Chatbots?

They are applications that communicate and perform basic tasks, from answering questions to helping customers buy a specific product. Its main objective is to speed up the interactions between services and people. The chatbots have their origin in the 1950s when the scientist Alan Turing DD an experiment known as the Turing test based on checking whether a computer can convince people that they are human during a conversation. Currently, it has managed to combine technology and artificial intelligence to create effective and useful chatbots for users. Great advances have been made since the first chatbots worked driven by keywords, something that caused the lack of response if those specific words were not used. At this moment the chatbots have been perfecting their skills, improving their accuracy and ability to respond personalized.

Thus, this technology operates fundamentally through messaging applications providing a conversational interface. Therefore, the rise of mobile apps such as Facebook Messenger, Slack or WeChat has made the idea and development of the bots regain importance. Communication between brands and customers is one of the assets on which this technology evolves; customized, fast and efficient customer service.

A significant fact is that more than half of mobile users have not downloaded an application in the last year, but billions of people use messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger daily. This highlights the fact that this type of program is an increasingly essential trend in the new form of communication between companies and customers. Facebook chatbots are artificial intelligence software to interact with users through text, images, links and call-to-action buttons. Any action or doubt that before could be something tedious is resolved quickly and satisfactorily for the user.

Advantages they bring to companies and users

The fact that chatbots are in the crosshairs of app development companies is because they are scalable. A significant fact that supports this is the 1,600 million people who used mobile messaging applications in 2016; a number that is expected to increase significantly reaching 80% of smartphone users by 2019.

Thus, the popularity of bots is increasing but we must bear in mind that, like everything else, it must adapt to the profile of the user, achieving the efficiency that both the company and the client sought. You must bear in mind that around 60% of chatbots users are known as Millennials, they are between 13 and 19 years old, and they have grown up using on-demand technologies to which chatbots now add up. Companies must be clear about the objective and who they want to reach with this type of service so that they are fully efficient. The incorporation of chatbots facilitates, on the one hand, the reduction of costs in the customer service of companies, and on the other, facilitates communication between the client and the company.

Users seek a quick response when purchasing a product or service through social networks with their mobile phone, since, according to the latest Annual Survey on Social Networks of AIB Spain, 94% of users use their mobile phones to access them, beating the computer for the first time. Therefore, offer a direct service that allows them to meet their needs where and when they want is the starting point.

While it is true that some businesses, because of their typology, lend themselves more to this type of service, there are other companies that can find numerous benefits in the bots. Whenever a company manages to increase communication with its customers improving sales and experience of these, the use of chatbots developed by the best app development companies will be welcome.

The use of chatbots is usually enhanced for simple actions such as answering frequent questions or giving basic information, when the consultation is complicated, some applications, combine the bot-human conversation, thus being a more ‘intelligent’ conversation. It is foreseen that artificial intelligence will end up developing in the coming years to bring to this tool greater resolution and closeness in language and reasoning.

There are sectors, such as the legal one, where artificial intelligence is going to take special relevance in the coming months. Worldwide there are bots that are already giving something to talk about in solving legal problems. Some examples are Docubot (helps consumers to make legal documents), LawBot (helps users get answers to legal questions), Lexí (facilitates the generation of privacy policies or non-disclosure agreements) or Legalibot (first bot of the world that generates personalized contracts through Facebook Messenger).

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