Embedded BI: Analytics and Reporting

Each year, the mobile app market generates over $77 billion in revenue. For businesses trying to get in on this digital gold rush, finding a way to keep their app functional and reliable is a must.

Whether you are using an app to generate money or connect employees, you will have to monitor it on a continuous basis. Failing to find out how well an app is performing can lead to big problems down the road.

Using the power of analytics and business intelligence (BI) is the only way to get a true assessment of the health of your apps. Keeping application performance levels high is only possible when using the right tools for the job.

You may be asking yourself, what is application performance management (APM)? In a nutshell, APM is a blanket term used to describe the tools used by businesses and app developers to monitor the performance of their programs.

Here are just some of the reasons why using analytics and business intelligence is essential to the continued success of your app.

Easily Unlock the Value of Data

Regardless of the types of apps or programs your company uses on a daily basis, they create a lot of data. Finding a way to take this data and use it for good is something most business owners are passionate about. Rather than letting this information go to waste, you can use the power of embedded business intelligence to collect and analyze it.

Knowing things like who is using your app, how long they are using it for and if they are recommending it to friends and family is essential. With this information, you can figure out what type of alterations need to be made for the continued success of your program.

Are you unsure about how to collect and analyze the data from your programs? If so, finding an experienced IT professional to help you out is essential. These professionals can help you choose the right embedded BI programs and assist you in analyzing the data they collect. Attempting to handle this difficult task on your own will only lead to huge problems in the long run.

A Better User Experience

Some business owners think that using BI in their apps and programs is just too difficult. While there is a learning curve associated with reading and using data, it is not nearly as hard as one may think. Rather than shying away from this technology due to your lack of tech knowledge, you need to embrace it.

Many of the embedded analytic programs on the market are extremely user-friendly. Using these tools will allow you to figure out how to use data to further the reach your company has. Before settling on a particular embedded analytic system, you need to try out a few programs.

Generally, the manufacturers of these types of programs will offer their customers demo versions. By using a few of these demo versions, you can quickly narrow down the various embedded analytic programs at your disposal.

Make Business Intelligence More Accessible

For most business owners, business intelligence is something they are quite unfamiliar with. Typically, any BI systems used within a company are managed by an IT department. The information collected from BI programs are typically used to help a company build a comprehensive marketing strategy for their products or services.

Removing the mystique surrounding business intelligence is easy with a comprehensive and easy to use embedded analytic program. These programs will generate easy to understand reports that are accessible to all of the employees a business has.

Instead of waiting for your IT department to act on BI matters, you can be involved in this decision-making process. With the right data in hand, you and your team will be able to make better business decisions with ease.

Use Fact Instead of Emotions to Make Important Decisions

Are you prone to making business decisions based on how you feel rather than fact? This can be a very dangerous practice that may lead your company down a very dangerous path. Instead of letting emotions get the better of you, using data from an embedded analytic program is a wiser option.

It is pretty difficult to make bad decisions when staring at cold hard data. If the data tells you that your programs are not meeting customer expectations, then you can change them. Simplifying your job as the owner and operator of a business should be one of your main concerns. Embracing the power of technology and embedded analytics will allow you to keep employees and customers satisfied with the programs you offer them.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to use business intelligence and embedded analytics to your advantage. Seeking out the help of knowledgeable IT professionals is the best way to choose and implement this type of technology.

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