Revolutionizing Decision-Making: How Mobile Applications Drive Business Intelligence and Reporting

Businesses that use mobile applications should expect big things since they provide a low-risk, free, or inexpensive subscription option. Companies want to provide their customers with the best possible experience, and mobile applications are the only way to do this.

Studies have shown that nearly 80% of consumers spend their shopping time on mobile apps. This has led to companies placing their bets on mobile marketing through mobile apps in a big way and consequently, there is a huge demand for Custom Mobile App Development in India. The mobile app development sector has been thriving lately with expansion from mobile apps on smartphones and tablets to Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices. There is also an increased focus year after year on mobile marketing and mobile app analytics.

As per a  survey by Compuware, more than 85% of consumers nowadays prefer mobile apps over companies’ websites since they offer greater convenience, faster and easier navigation, and are available all the time. The demand for mobile apps has shot up since they offer better navigation and data display. There is also the convenience of using it on the go which otherwise is not possible with desktops and laptops.

Mobile BI solutions are changing the way we make choices. According to Fortune Business Insights’ “Business Intelligence [BI] Market Size & Share | Outlook, 2030” analysis, revenue from business intelligence is expected to reach USD 29.42 billion in 2023 and expand to USD 54.27 billion by 2030. According to the analysis, the market for mobile business intelligence might be worth $28.86 billion by 2027.

A survey discovered that a person’s smartphone had 26 installed mobile apps on average. What does this signify for an enterprise? This indicates that a company is vying for a user’s attention on a mobile device with 26 other applications. You should not be concerned since, in comparison to the competitors that have millions of websites online, it is not a big amount.

Mobile apps come in handy when it comes to solving any problem for both the business and the customer. It can resolve any issue even when the user is mobile and without the need to go to the desktop. For example, sales personnel can update orders or stock positions on the app itself or an individual can book a restaurant table from the app from anywhere.

How are businesses being revolutionized by mobile apps?

Effective Customer Engagement

Customers need an efficient way to contact businesses, whether they are selling flowers online or providing spa and salon services. This is where mobile apps come in handy for successful client engagement. The benefit of mobile marketing is that it allows companies to interact with clients in real-time by using their location and full profile data. Businesses may likely employ mobile app marketing to turn those interested consumers into revenue producers if they make good use of this information.

Easing Customer Relationships

Through add-on benefits, mobile applications assist businesses in communicating with customers directly at every stage of the business process. Project management on the fly has enormous potential as it allows management to monitor project milestones and facilitate staff communications no matter where they are. By making sales catalogs available for product buying or browsing, the business may further capitalize on the consumer experience.

Geo Targeting Consumers with push notifications

Because mobile applications employ push notifications to automatically notify users about the environment around them while they are on the go, mobile app technology has grown more random and self-sufficient. Geo-targeted push notifications may be used by businesses in several ways.

For example, a restaurant can use its mobile app to send push notifications to its customers and boost loyalty or Store can send notifications about the fresh sales offer.

Virtual office for employees

If your business has a mobile app, you can work from anywhere—at the coffee shop or the closest spa—while you are there. For example, the mobile app acts as a rapid response tool even when an employee is not near their computer if they are required to submit feedback on papers regularly. Employees may easily access information with the help of mobile applications, which makes workdays more engaging and productive. Access to document sharing, CRM software, time tracking, project management software, and other features can be found in a business’s mobile app virtual office environment.

Better customer after-sales support and service

Mobile apps make it easier for customers to contact the company for any product information or after-sales services.

Small businesses compete better in the market

Consumer needs are still rising at an exponential rate. A company must come up with creative ways to surpass the services it offers far in advance of its rivals realizing how important it is to satisfy customers.

Small businesses have a limited market for mobile apps, therefore, now is the ideal moment for them to get ahead of the competition and promote their brands on mobile devices.


Companies worldwide are going mobile and now even industrial sectors are also keeping pace with the trend with the use of mobile apps. It is investment-worthy for businesses that sell goods and services to go online with mobile apps taking the help of Custom Mobile App Development India. Businesses such as e-commerce, sports, food, retail, sports, gaming, telecom, and travel among others are offering their products through mobile apps. This has helped to gain market share even though it is difficult to calculate the return on investment. However, mobile apps have indirectly helped to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In the era of instant purchases and services, it is crucial for businesses to offer their products to consumers through mobile apps. They must ensure how to use more and more creative ways to capture the attention of consumers whose attention span is limited and brand loyalty is fickle.

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