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Are you caught in between the patterns of life?You’ve just been asked to find out and learn more about ITIL and don’t know where to start? photo credit: VinothChandar

Don’t worry as I’m here to point you to the right direction.

When I first started learning about ITIL, I found out that the materials are very textbook like and bored me to death.

But because I had to pick up ITIL as quickly as possible so that I can equip myself with enough ITIL knowledge to be part of a project implementation team, I forced myself to read and understand ITIL to the best possible. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

In case you’re wondering what ITIL is all about, it is a set of best practices to help organizations align their core business with Information Technology.

In simpler terms, if an organization chooses to adopt ITIL best practices, they may be able to provide better:

  • Customer support (whether to internal or external clients)
  • Service level support (SLA management)
  • Management of problems
  • Management of change requests
  • and more…

Learning ITIL doesn’t have to be difficult even though you’re only given a short timeframe to understand how it all works.

There are many 100+ pages of ITIL materials readily available for you to purchase from many Internet sites, but here I will highlight a single and free white paper / ebook by Alex D Paul from ZohoCorp.

ITIL Heroes Handbook is a condensed version of what ITIL is all about and it is written in an way that will definitely capture your attention.

In the Free ITIL white paper, there are 7 chapters whereby chapter 2 -6 describes the following ITIL processes namely Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management and Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Note that this ITIL Heroes Handbook focuses more on explaining ITIL Service Support and it also highlights how you can implement ITIL Service Support with Service Desk Plus software in the final chapter.

What I really like about this ebook is the way each chapter is presented where it includes a comic strip about the process, explanations to further describe each process as well as a simple workflow which provides a high level view of a process.

If you’re a beginner and new to ITIL, I would highly recommend you to read ITIL Heroes Handbook today!

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