Free retail management software for small businesses

Great news for retail store owners! How about free software for you to manage your retail business? From managing inventory, stocks, invoices, vendors, customer orders all the way to viewing reports which are related to your day-to-day retail business.

This retail management software that I’m about to introduce is great for any small businesses or non-profit organizations who are involved in:

  • Online business
  • Consulting business
  • Mini and supermarkets
  • Grocery stores
  • Schools that also sells merchandise
  • Accessories stores

Basically, as long as you carry multiple types of products obtained from various vendors and suppliers and the products are eventually sold to potential customers, this software will benefit your business.

This software is also great for the purpose of short-term selling for the purpose of roadshows, events, tradeshows, and exhibitions.

A friend once asked me to develop software for him to manage his roadshow which lasts for only 3 days. During the 3 days, many transactions will take place and the most painful part is, at the end of the day, he will need to spend hours counting the remaining stocks and cash in hand for the day. I developed the software for him, however, it was not fully delivered because I got stuck when developing the invoice screen. If I had known of this software then, it would have been a lot easier as it is capable of generating invoices on the fly as well as automatically reducing the stock count. Since the software does not require a high spec machine to run on, it can easily be installed on a laptop specifically for the event.

Having said so, I’m sure I have generated much interest among your readers. So what’s the software called?

The software that I’m referring to is called Inflow Inventory On-Premise.


With Inflow Inventory, you can:

  • Manage customer details
  • Manage vendor details
  • Manage products and services
  • Process orders
  • Reorder stocks
  • Generate invoices
  • Track inventory
  • View business reports
  • Manage sales taxes

Installing the software is really simple. All you do is download the software for free and install it by simply executing the inflow_setup.exe file. It should install on your machine without any problems, but if there are any, you can always check out the forum and knowledgebase for additional help.

I have installed it and was indeed impressed with the software especially since we can all use it for free.

Once you start the app, you can see all the functions that you can do with it. I’ll take you through the software the retail process way. The images below are screenshots taken from the Inflow Inventory.

For all retail businesses, the starting point is to order your stock from the vendors. Once you have received the stock you can update the system. Payments for the orders can also be recorded provided you have entered the vendor details prior.


Once all your stock is in place, you can begin selling to your customers and processing the orders. Once an item is sold you can immediately generate and issue an invoice to the customer.


At the end of the day or the week, depending on how active your retail business is, you can view the current stock level and replenish any products which are low in stock. By utilizing this system, you no longer need to tell your customers, sorry we’re out of stock!


At the end of the month, you can view the various reports which will tell you and your investors how well your business has been doing.


inFlow On-Premise is available in three editions namely Free, Regular, and Premium.

In case you’re wondering what’s the limitation of this free software, you can only have a combined total number of one hundred customers and products. There is a small cost to disable this limitation. Find out more about it on their website and video below.

Inventory Management Software | inFlow Inventory

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