How to launch an on-demand home services app?

Life these days is very fast-moving. Most people, working professionals do not find time to do their basic chores that even everyday life can be bought digitally. There is a massive demand for home services, and it is a boon to all those who want to start their business in that sector. To state an example, Gojek is a multi-service app that provides 63 plus services, all in one platform. From Grocery-delivery to food delivery, from ride-hailing to Air conditioner repair services, from courier delivery to on-demand maids, they provide services for every basic need to run our day-to-day life.

The present generation contains many internet users and demands most of the everyday essentials to be delivered at their doorstep. Considering all these factors, a home services app can make a fortune as there is a vast audience room. A mobile application company with suitable expertise and experience in creating such apps can make and provide guidance.

Things to remember before planning to launch a home services app

Buyer’s persona/ Targeted Audience

Since making a profit is the intent, ensure you know the customers who get targeted, their age, location, needs and expectations at the moment. They will offer better clarity.

User Experience

A smooth app UX is essential to gain and retain customers. It also helps in attaining their trust. The customer’s mind should be influenced positively and conclude the solution you provide is the answer they were seeking.

Engagement with users

Push notifications can be helpful and annoying at the same time. Sending customers only the relevant notifications can keep them engaged with the app and retain their loyalty. While sending them unnecessary and repetitive notifications can lead to uninstalls and a bad reputation.

Tech Stack

Tech stacks build the mobile application from scratch to the end. It is vital to know which tech stacks are used, which tech stacks are needed for the best outcomes. Every technology or app feature comes with pricing. One may cost more than the other. Getting the suggestions of experts after framing your requirements is an important aspect.

A close look at competitors

Getting a good look at the competitor’s work can create new ideas. Learn from their mistakes, not just success stories. A new approach that can escalate demand may be crafted through obtaining inspiration from others’ work.

Performance and app operation

Performance and app operation wins the trust of customers. Constant upgradation in service and app quality will help in retaining goodwill. Instead of focusing and spending money on creating ads and promotions, improving the quality of the app and service will help the app reach higher places.

Features to incorporate on the app

For users:

Search option

The option gives the user the liberty to choose the service and professional they wish to opt for. This feature comes with filters like price, distance, type of service etc.


This feature enables the user to choose their desired time slot as their availability varies from time to time. An advanced booking for a particular time may be made to avoid confusion.


This feature enables the service provider to receive the confirmation of order or requests and the scheduled timing.


These days digital payments are a common means to sustain. The app should offer multiple modes of payment such as mobile wallet, UPI payments, credit card, debit card/ net banking and cash on delivery.


Reviews and ratings offer your customers a platform to voice their views, suggestions and comments. It will also provide room for improvement. Obtaining good reviews will instil a good impression in the minds of potential customers. Therefore, it is good to ask customers to leave their feedback once the service is provided.

Help and Support

Include a 24X7 customer service, FAQ, valuable links. This will make the users more confident. It will also keep the management engaged with the users.

For service providers:


This should be the primary feature for the service provider. They should be given the option to register as an expert of providing any services mentioned. The option of being able to log in through social media should be given. After approval of their profile, they may start taking requests.


After registration, they can accept requests from nearby areas. They should notify through calls or texts after confirmation apart from in-app texts.

Acceptance/ rejection of requests

A professional will be given both accept and reject options. However, they should accept many requests continuously.


This option lets the customer know the medium of payment, the charge made for services, and travelling charges if their location is at a distant place.

For Admin:


The admin’s dashboard acts as the control room for the app. The admin can monitor the activities and data through this panel.

Provide Authentication

The admin panel provides the authority to authorize the professional. The profiles of the service provider can be viewed and managed.


As the developers get hired, the system of payment needs to be discussed. Commissions, the extra cost may be involved.

Rewards and Schemes

Special schemes and rewards can be managed through this feature. The progression of a campaign can be observed through data. Stats and analytics may be used in decision-making.

Review Management

Reviews help in improving the quality of service and help improve. Reviews made in lousy language or abusive comments can be flagged or deleted. Positive reviews can be highlighted for the viewers to see and gain more confidence.

The cost involved in the launch of home services app

UI and UX designs

Some graphics and interfaces cost more than others due to the designs and cost of producing the animation. Set the budget after deciding on the features, and discuss the same with the developer.

Demographics and platform

Apps produced for android costs more than the cost involved; more testing will be required for the app to be feasible across multiple devices.

App features

Certain features cost more than the rest. The more the features are added, the more the cost will be. In order to launch a home services app, it is the best idea to try a white-label app solution like Gojek clone script.


Home services apps are the need of the hour, taking the current situation of covid-19 in. There are various players in the market. Observe them, learn from their mistakes, do some research work. You are good to go.

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