How to access an SAP system for online training purposes

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I know of a few SAP consultant friends who are doing well thanks to their SAP knowledge and skills.

They get to travel frequently to consult, implement and support SAP users from all around the world because their services and experience are in demand.

If you too wish to be an SAP professional, then it’s a good time to begin learning everything you can about the various enterprise solutions offered by SAP.

Unlike open source technology like PHP and Ruby on Rails, the solutions offered by SAP is not something that we can easily download and set up on our home pc and begin to try out. We will need licenses to run the system.

If you’re a hands on person like me, then you’ll need to have access to a system in order to learn its features and capabilities. Reading tons of materials just isn’t as effective as using the actual system when it comes to learning how to use a new software.

If only there is a way for those wanting to improve their SAP knowledge through self learning by trying out the software and at the same time have some sort of online training simulation, that would be really great.

Guess what? It’s now possible with – a leading provider of SAP training, SAP access and SAP consulting services.

Micheal Management’s online SAP training course has video like capabilities which provides explanations as well as simulated and interactive SAP screens as if you are really logged into a real SAP system. Click here to preview its SAP 101 training.

In the past, online trainings have focused on video tutorials with little or no engagement required from the students.

The online SAP trainings by Micheal Management allows students to actually input and type as if he / she is on the system. A really good way to expose students to SAP without having to really set up a real system.

For those who are already quite familiar with SAP but just need access into an SAP system either for ABAP programming or simply to try out new features, they can do so via Micheal Management’s SAP Access for Individuals.

The following single SAP system subscriptions can be purchased for $99 a month:

  • SAP ERP ECC 6.0
  • SAP R/3 4.7
  • CRM 7.0
  • SCM 2007 with APO
  • Enterprise Portal 7.0
  • SAP PI 7.0
  • SAP BI 7.0
  • SAP Solution Manager 4.0
  • SRM 5.0

One thing to highlight is that Micheal Management is an official SAP customer with fully licensed versions of SAP, so you know that you’ll be accessing a system which is legal and not something against the law.

For more details about these access to SAP, check out SAP Access and SAP Training for its online SAP training courses.

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  • I used Michael Management for three months, access was very poor. System was availability was good, documentation was good, but just to call up data on one screen would take 30/40 seconds…. for the price paid it was an unacceptable service!

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