Magento Open Source POS — a perfect combo to leverage the power of Magento Open Source

As a Magento Open Source user, you may have known the huge benefits of this version when you’ve just started your retail business. After choosing an eCommerce platform, like Magento in this case, the next thing is to have a point of sale to handle in-store activities.

If you’re looking for one, this Magento Open Source POS will be a good choice. You’re going to experience a free POS version that delivers essential ordering capabilities for you to run a store from scratch. Let’s explore.

Table of content

  • What is Magento Open Source POS?
  • Who will benefit from it?
  • How does it help with retail store operation?
  • How to get this Magento Open Source POS?
  • Final words

What is Magento Open Source POS?

As its name suggests, this Magento Open Source POS by Magestore is dedicated to Magento merchants and free of charge that doesn’t require you any contracts, costs, recurring fees to own the source code. You can use this web-based POS on desktop, Android, or iOS devices.

Along with Magento Open Source, this brings a perfect combo for retailers to start building their dream businesses with the most optimal costs. With that, you can minimize the upfront costs of system investment and use this capital for other purposes like inventory purchases or marketing activities.

Who will benefit from this open-source POS?

Small retail businesses

The Covid-19 pandemic has strongly impacted the retail industry over the past two years, in which many small businesses are becoming financially fragile. Retail in 2022 is expected to experience a great reset. Thus maybe it’s now time for your reopen plan.

With Magento Open Source and Magento Open Source POS — two vital aspects of a retail business, you’ll save a lot of time, money, and effort in designing your game-changing retail software.

If your business is using papers, Excel, or Google Sheet files to write down orders, this POS system can help replace many tedious and manual works.

Medium and large businesses

Buying a long-lasting POS solution for your enterprise isn’t an overnight task that requires you to go back and forth between plenty of options. Thus, hands-on experience is a practical way to use and test a product before making a purchase.

This light open-source POS offers simple yet enough features for a test drive. If you’d like a personalized demo for your business needs, you can freely request one.

How does it help with retail store operation?

This POS Open delivers essential features with order management and fulfillment, sales management, data centralization to automate your daily retail activities. Therefore, small businesses can enjoy a small-scale omnichannel experience with consistent customer data, orders, products across online and offline channels.

Moreover, as it’s open-source, you can freely customize it to your unique needs or scale it up when you grow. The table below summarizes its built-in features for your convenience:

Built-in features Open Source POS
Unlimited users/devices

Quick and easy product search

Create order fast

Buy at the store, home delivery

Buy online, return in-store

Real-time inventory sync

Barcode scanning

Allow backorder in store

Some popular types of businesses using Magestore Open Source POS product right now include:

  • One store, one website
  • Those with a simple management model
  • Solo entrepreneurs
  • Local businesses
  • Small scale businesses

If you see yourself on the list and are searching for a POS system, this one would be worth your try.

How to get this Magento Open Source POS?

1. Where to download

Please visit one of the following places to download the POS for free:

  • Open Source POS on Magestore’s website
  • Official Magento Marketplace (Product certified by Adobe and Magento)
  • Product Hunt product

2. Online guides

You can read this public User Guide and Technical Documentation to know how to install and use the product.

3. Support Center

If you can’t find the answers to your questions, submit a ticket to this Customer Support Portal to get responses from Magestore’s Support Reps.

Check out for their response time:

  • Delay response: 48 hours maximum (in the Vietnam working time)
  • Update support status weekly (in the Vietnam working time)

Final words

Running a retail business isn’t easy especially when you start everything from the ground up. But technology can make your life easier. We believe that this Magento Open Source POS will help you much in the early stage. When you grow up, it will scale up with you. We wish your business to stay safe and happy selling.

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