WRNTY – Order management software for wholesalers, distributors and importers

For business owners and sales manager, it can be a real challenge to keep up with the specifications of each product. Every product in inventory looks differently and has a variety of differences.

It’s important to offer prospective customers as much information as possible. They need help choosing items as well as making the final choice on what would work best for their needs.

It is for these very reasons that Wrnty’s order management software is appealing to many. Their sales rep app answers these questions and more.

Here are a few of the things that they offer through their software:

  1. Product presentation – Vibrant presentation of the merchandise can be shown to customers, vendors and associates
  2. Improved management and control – Allows to keep track of the products, sales reps and customers with easy-to-track reports.
  3. Beneficial specs – For example: EDI integration, offline synchronizing and the integration of Google maps.
  4. Set-up that’s quick and easy – With their standard ERP Integration kit and the XLS upload interface, you can be up and running in three days.

Wrnty’s sales app also makes it possible to have various catalogs on their mobile devices along with viewing inventory availability, checking credit limits, writing notes and tasks, placing orders, collecting payments, filling in questionnaires and more.

The sales information that the mobile app offers makes it easier for sales people to do their jobs and thus make more sales.

Customers are more informed through the vast amount of specs that are able to be seen right on the mobile device.

Both management and sales teams will appreciate the wealth of available information that the sales app offers.

These are the main features of the program:

  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily Reports – letting you see your progress and sales
  • Orders Approved Within Credit Limits – saving time and energy
  • Keep Track of Inventory – making it easy to always know what is available
  • Place Direct Orders At Point of Sale – making it easier to finalize a sale
  • Management of Price List – lessening confusion of pricing and sale or reduced items
  • Develop Catalogs of Your Products – creating multiple mobile catalogs, saving time and money
  • Search feature – helping sales reps find specific products
  • Electronic Signatures With Orders – providing convenience to customers and sales reps
  • Customer History of Sales – knowing what customers need and/or already  have purchased
  • Photo Taking – having the ability to take a snapshot whenever needed

Wrnty has been offering many products to help businesses be more successful. Wrnty’s order management software was launched a few years ago and has proven to be quite successful by providing an innovative way to track the inventory and offer supplemental products to clients. They have also recently launched a smart e-catalog for iPad and a cloud based warranty and service.

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