Regpack Online Registration Software Launched (Just in Time for Summer Camp)

Regpack is well head of the pack with the launch of its new, user-friendly online registration software. Revolutionizing the processes of registering users, publicizing and managing events, and collecting payments, this online registration service by Regpack provides win-win solutions for both applicants and organizers.

What types of people and organizations are already jumping on the Regpack registration software bandwagon?

• Professional event planners
• Organizers of fundraisers, honorary dinners, stately affairs, local benefits
• Hosts of seminars, retreats, conferences, classes, and training sessions
• Camp directors
• Concert organizers
• Sporting event planners

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Here are some of the highlights of Regpack’s innovative technology and the benefits it provides for companies, organizations, and event managers:

• Efficient and quick registration of applicants/attendees
• Easy creation of all types of forms and questionnaires
• Flexible system can be fully customized, including the addition of company colors and logo
• Powerful form builder decreases administrative load and streamlines the registration process
• Applicants complete the entire registration process from the comfort of their own home computer
• Offers multiple safe and secure online payment options
• Increases conversion rates
• Increases on-time payments

The buzz about Regpack’s registration software is out, and people ranging from professional event planners to lay party organizers are turning to the Web-based event management software to plan, publicize, promote, and send updates about their upcoming event. The registration software can also be used to sell event tickets online, email invitations, disseminate event-related information, send reminder alerts, print business cards, create event-related posters, print name tags, and notify the registry list of any updates or changes.

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According to Regpack CEO Asaf Darash, not only does the system streamline the registration process, decrease administrative workload, and save time, money, and headaches for event organizers, but the user-friendly interface makes the tedious task of filling out forms fun and uncomplicated for applicants and users. Add to this several safe and secure online payment options, and you have a one-package win-win solution for everyone involved.

With the school year coming to a close and summertime around the corner, the launch of Regpack’s camp registration software could not be more timely or convenient. Summer camp is the number one venue sought after by parents who want to rest assured that their children are busy, safe, and entertained. With the range of camps steadily on the rise, competition is fierce amongst day camps, overnight camps, and specialty camps (i.e., horseback riding, sports, arts, music, gymnastics, science &d technology, and more). Regpack online camp registration forms ensure that the entire process goes smoothly, saving camp administrators the time and hassle involved in the distribution, collection, and sorting of paper-based applications. In turn, camp directors are free to focus on the campers and on planning the upcoming summer activities.

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