Free web based Intranet Portal with CRM and Project Management features

Running projects can sometimes be difficult especially when proper project management / communication tools are not in place.

Most organizations today still depend on emails to communicate between one another.

Emails are still being used to:

  • schedule a meeting
  • send documents (deliverables)
  • discuss project related issues
  • update project status
  • assign tasks

Although emails are the most common tool available for everyone, and many do find it simple to use, it may not be the most effective.

Today, many business applications have emerged to assist organization in collaborating and communication more effectively.

One such web based business application which provide a FREE intranet portal with CRM and Project Management features is

Here are some key social intranet features:

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream is the centerpiece of your company’s intranet. It is a major enabler of social interaction.

Task Management

Assign and receive task easily with the integrated task management capability

Calender Management

No more missed or forgotten meetings as the calendar management capability shows not only your events but those group of users which you choose, for example your subordinates.

Document Management

Missing or overwritten files are a thing of the past with this document management capability. Files can be uploaded and shared with all team members as it easily keeps track of all document versions. Not to mention searching for files just got much easier.

Project Workgroup Management

Workgroups can be created for every project and is confined to dedicated project team members. Within each workgroup, there’s a workspace which includes all the key features as mentioned above.

Instant Messaging

While some organizations are worried about instant messengers being misused for non work related matters, the messaging capability will be confined within a workgroup which makes discussion on specific topics related to the project relevant, focused and informative.


The built in CRM module completes this intranet system as it allows everyone within the organization to be customer focused. The system allows all employees to enter and share contact information. It also includes the standing sales force management capabilities such as tracking leads, opportunities, deals, sales funnel and more.

Employee Management

All employees particulars can be kept track within the employee management module. With the company structure capability, new employees can quickly view where they belong to within the entire organization. Another neat feature has to be the absense chart which displays who’s going to absent when and where they will be.

I’ve personally signed up for the free version of Bitrix24 which allows all features mentioned above for a maximum of 12 users and a max of 5GB online storage.

If you require anything more than that, it will cost $99 / month for the standard plan and $199 / month for the professional plan.

What I also like about this social intranet application has to be it’s 7 layers of security protection.

For individuals who are worried about their files being accessed during upload process, worry not as the only way to access Bitrix24 is through an SSL connection which is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. These are the sort of security technology banks use to ensure all banking transactions are safe and secure.

Wait no more, not only does Bitrix24 saves you a ton of money, since it’s SaaS, it does not require any tech expertise and you can access it anytime from anywhere, including your iPhone friday night in a bar.

Sign up for a free version of today!





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