Five Useful Tools to Organize Your Life

With the slew of new technologies available today, there are so many apps, tools, software and hacks to make your life just a little bit easier to manage. Especially if you’re armed with a smartphone, you can now do most things on the fly.

If you’re a busy business owner or manager, time is going to be a precious commodity. With all the new technology available today, you can really cut down on the time it takes to do all those menial tasks that chew up your day.

There are so many tools out there that it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Read our top five suggestions for the kinds of tools you should be looking for.

Budgeting and finance

Whether you prefer using spreadsheets or something else, having an easy to use tool like Quicken to manage money matters will save you a lot of stress and confusion. Find something that is easy to use and suited for your needs. You don’t need an overly complex budgeting system if you’re just managing everyday finances.

Planning and task management

It’s quite surprising what a bit of planning can do to organize your time. Having a bit of foresight about the tasks you need to accomplish that day, week or month will mentally prepare you to get things done. If you’re away from your office a lot then find something you can download to your phone or laptop so you can access your planner wherever you are. If you can’t or don’t want to download planning software, online project planning software should give you a good idea of what to expect in a downloadable product.


Now this is a tricky one. Nowadays there are so many channels to contact people it can get a little confusing. If you have lots of overseas contacts, something like Skype or Viber are probably good options to have in your arsenal of communication tools. Think about what kind of email client you’re using too, they’re not all made the same and some will fit your needs better than others.

Meetings and presentations

Gone are the days of whiteboard meetings. These days everything is dynamic and interactive so you need the right tools to match. There are lots of online tools available to make your meetings simple, yet spectacular. You can find all sorts of websites, everything from hosting an online meeting to creating exciting animated presentations.

Mobility and productivity

I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m inseparable from my iPhone. It’s almost like having a personal assistant on hand to help you manage your life. With the enormous amount of apps available for iPhones and other smartphones, there’s really not much you can’t do with a phone anymore. Already armed with a calendar, reminders, notes, camera and video, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you.

There will be a lot of apps to sort through when you go looking for the ones that are right for you.  Time is valuable and scarce but, now you will be equipped with five important categories of products to look for to make your workload a lot easier to get through.

A guest post by Taylor.

Taylor is a writer and manages a web development team at Project Manager. He has experience working in small businesses and assisting larger businesses with ERP software and project delivery.  

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