Top 8 Uber Taxi Features That Every Taxi Business Startups Must Know

If you are into starting up an aspiring business then the taxi business is most likely to be in your favor. Taxi business is currently on the hype with its growing millennial audience. So, if you are about to start or are already in a taxi business then a uber-like taxi app is necessary for your business. However, building one is a difficult task.

The cost of app development should surely be the concern but the taxi app features you include should be the crux of the matter. So, here are a few important/top features you must know and include in your taxi business app. The whole idea of the below features is to make the bookings and business easier for all the modules in the business.

So, these are the top 8 uber-like taxi app features you ought to have on your list to develop a taxi app.

  • Maps and GPS services

Well, this comes under the most basic and primary features a taxi business startup should have in its application. The maps and the location services play the spine in the taxi business. So, these features allow users and drivers to get to know the pick-up point, drop-point, route between the pickup and destination, and location, etc. This GPS eases the process out between the customers and drivers eliminating the confusion of location and destination.

The updated taxi apps introduce the current location tracking and sharing it with friends and family feature improving the safety of the customer. This helps the customer travel without any safety issues and threats.

  • Built-in fare calculator

Before hiring a taxi, a customer decides on the fare with the driver. So, your uber like taxi application should have a built-in fare calculator to help the customers figure out the fare of the ride.

This way the customer will know the fare amount before starting the ride and also this feature will prevent the situations where customers argue with the drivers on the issue of fare at the end of the ride. So, basically including this feature will avoid the confusion between the customers and the drivers.

  • Ride for now or later

“Ride now or later” feature might not be found in many of the taxi business apps but this feature will help you build the customer base if you integrate it. This feature enables the users to book their ride immediately or for a future event. This helps the users who don’t want to be late for their doctor’s appointment and need a ride as soon as their business meet ends, or for those who want to plan a trip to an outstation, etc.

So, with this feature, you don’t have to ace the last-minute hassle. All the details that you will need to collect for the “ride later” option is pickup location, drop location, date and time, type of car the user wants to travel in.

  • Multiple in-app payment options

With going cashless being a trend, not everyone prefers carrying cash on the go. Sometimes, there arises a situation where either the driver or customer might not carry the exact change and lose a bit of money, which is unpleasant for both. So, integrating the online payment method is the best option.

While also some of the individuals do not prefer sharing their card details in the app. So, providing multiple payment options through various e-wallets will favor our taxi business application. This makes the payment mechanism seamless and convenient on both the ends.

  • In-app communication option

Make sure every module of your application has a proper communication channel, be it the driver needing help or support from the admin or customer describing the location to the driver. A proper communication channel with a chat or call option will ease the things for the business.

With the help of a proper communication channel, you can convey an important message to your customers or drivers. You can inform them about the deals and offers etc. Also, a two-way communication option between the customer and driver can prevent the pick-up and drop location confusion. Make sure you should be able to send push notifications to your customers.

  • Rate and feedback option

Feedbacks and ratings are an essential part of any business. They help you analyze, improve and overcome. Let your customers give an honest review of your service through this feature. Also, offer them a separate feedback form to review the driver of their trip. This will help other customers know how the driver is, reliable or not and what to expect.

This feature will enable you to know and brief up the experience of the customer with the driver. Feedbacks and ratings actually make an essential way to improve the business.

  • Bookings and Trip history

Your uber like taxi app should allow the customers and drivers to view their previous history of rides and bookings they have done and received. This will allow them to know the routes of the trips and check other details of the trip or their convenience.

With this, the drivers will also be able to track their earning history. So, this feature comes handy for both the customers and drivers. In short, this feature makes the business quite transparent.

  • Smart tools and dashboard

Maintaining a record of each driver and customer is important yet difficult. So, as an admin try to incorporate the smart analytical tools in your app that shows you the performance of your drivers and business in various regions.

Such tools will help you get the numbers and analyze things periodically. It will help you find the areas to improve, reward meritocracy and grow your business significantly. A smart dashboard will help you track the successful orders, missed orders, booking sources, etc.


Including the above taxi app features in your application will surely help you build and grow your taxi business startup. Also, to excel with the application game you can seek help from any taxi booking app development company to develop a taxi app for you.

Make sure you have all the above features integrated into your taxi booking mobile application to see your business rise to another level altogether.

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Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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