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Online Food Ordering has seen a huge growth in the past few years. This growth has been given jet wings by the Covid lockdowns in the past couple of years, where people could not step out of their houses.  The food ordering and delivery market have seen the maximum amount of investment by VCs and small entrepreneurs alike.

There are new food ordering businesses coming up in each unexplored area on the map. Each entrepreneur is trying to get a slice of this profit by tweaking the food delivery business model to their local customer’s preferences and also customizing the business workflow as per their own business acumen and ideas to create a new success story. Everyone is trying to ride on this bandwagon, businessmen are earning huge profits, regular people are getting more jobs as delivery partners and customers are enjoying their food at home.

But one thing is common in each food ordering service across the world. One of the most crucial and important factors for the success of the online food delivery service is the software platform. The better the platform the better your business and the more customers you get.

The software has to be simple, have a nice design that follows usability principles, follow the best coding standards and ensure that your users keep returning to your business for repeat orders. Now, these factors will be directly related to the company that you hire to build the software for you. The biggest factor for the success of your food delivery business will basically be the skills of the company that you hire to build your food delivery software.

Looking at the importance of this point I decided to help entrepreneurs by making this decision simple for them and have reviewed and listed the top 9 food delivery software development companies that provide service in the USA. The companies are not ranked in any manner so there is no number 1 or number 9. It’s a random list as each company has its own pros and cons. Here is the list.


Multirestaurant.Systems are masters in Food Delivery Software as this business was started by a team of restaurateurs who were unable to find the correct software that could help them make their business operations easy. Most of the food delivery software in the early 2000s was too simple to actually improve operations or was too complicated with many extra features that increased the software cost and decreased the advantages and savings the software provided.

Multi Restaurant System is one of the world’s top 10 software as their software is very mature, simple to handle, and coded optimally with features that can only be created when actual restaurant owners are deeply involved in the development.

They have software products for a single restaurant or a chain of businesses like dominos and also food Delivery Software that can be used to build a hyper-local commission based platform like Swiggy, Doordash, or ubereats. They also have clone software for building workflows similar to top running businesses like  Wolt, Grubhub, ubereats, instacart etc. One of the biggest selling points of Multi Restaurant System they offer one of the best products in the market at very competitive pricing. There is no other provider who can provide you with this level of quality at the prices they offer so they definitely are must check-out food delivery company.

Enuke Software

Enuke Software is a top-end food delivery app company that builds unique food delivery mobile apps that are both interactive and simple for entrepreneurs. The app was built as an alliance proposal with restaurants, food joints, and food aggregators to unite them on a shared software where customers can easily find them and place orders for tasty food based on food type, geography, and pricing. The company’s brilliant app developers create food delivery apps that are very dynamic and scalable, increasing the chances of repeat visits by customers to such apps.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. dominates in the development of food delivery apps. One of their developed food delivery mobile applications is Travel Khana – Train Food Service. The company gives entrepreneurs many technical solutions through Travel Khana that can match their ordering requirements. In addition to building, designing, and QA of food delivery apps, the team aims to provide its buyers with the most optimal business advice and consulting services to help them grow their food ordering business reach smartphone users.


EngineerBabu was established in the year 2015 and is based in Indore, with an expert group of programmers, UI/UX developers, and analysts.

EngineerBabu is an established player in food delivery apps development that can seamlessly connect hungry buyers with their closeby restaurants and order their preferred food on their doorstep quickly. These expert developers are also empowered on Google through Angular.js, Kubernetes, and other platforms. They monitor and manage product development with extreme diligence. Varying businesses are supported by EngineerBabu in launching their food delivery apps in the market. Programmers are happy to help new business owners in determining their needs and integrating proposed features into the creation of their food delivery apps.EngineerBabu makes different and unique food-delivery apps for a plethora of restaurants and eateries. It has beautiful designs that give clients not only a delightful experience in the form of feedback, ratings, and customer discussion forums but also an integrated feature that gives them a sense of fulfillment from the restaurant they are purchasing from.

EngineerBabu gives importance to each client and takes the effort to learn about their vision and needs before starting work on a food delivery app development project. EngineerBabu has worked with a number of elite clients from all over the world.


eDeliveryApp has released a food delivery software as a product. Founded seven years back they are the only food delivery software company that is ISO 9001:2015 certified. An ISO 9001:2015 is for the quality management system. This is something that gives buyers full confidence and non-biased parties assurance that the software follows global best practices for coding and is fully bug-free. EdeliveryApp’s food delivery software is primarily for food delivery but it can be deployed for any other type of local delivery like grocery, alcohol, courier, flower, or any other type of delivery service.

This stable application has a scalable architecture that is fully plugin-based and so can easily be modified as needed. Edeliveryapp’s business software has a web app that is fully mobile-friendly and buyers can use it to peruse and book food, the main admin, sub-admin. There are mobile apps that have similar functions as the website in both android and ios versions, Restaurant apps for business owners to handle orders, a delivery management backend, and delivery apps for driver teams.

Edeliveryapp provides long-term technical support and maintenance and enhancement support and buyers can customize the code for their business anyways they want. Edeliveryapp has very good customer service as they have 5-star ratings on all the top software review websites like Softwareadvice, Sourceforge, Capterra, G2, Technologycounter, Getapp, Crozdesk, etc. Edeliveryapp has also been decently priced with a price range of $1500 to $3000 based on your needs and this is single-time pricing with source code ownership.


WeDigTech was founded by Pranay Mathur nearly 15 years ago. They are one of the top android and ios app development companies. They have a mission and are focused on widening its boundaries to include the latest technologies and viral trends in order to provide the most competitive and cutting-edge solutions. WeDigTech is a mobile food delivery app development firm that has its vision set on offering restaurants with high-tech features and customized on-demand food ordering solutions.

WeDigTech built MISRII, India’s Homemade Food Community, an independent cuisine delivery app that is a community of thousands of cooks who provide the most delicious food to their patrons in a more preferred and seamless way.


Indglobal is a reputed Software Development firm that specializes in food delivery app development. Their experienced development team is always working to make the most seamless food ordering mobile app for their customers’ businesses. This team builds a complete array of food delivery apps for IOS, Android, and Windows platforms, as well as customized solutions to meet the requirements of demanding customers. The company works exclusively for the development of a wide array of web apps, including an Online Food delivery site. The team provides software to connect buyers and restaurants easily and have food delivered and managed in a seamless process in order to give the best food delivery experience. Restaurants require high-quality food delivery apps to ensure that food is delivered as fast as possible.

Explore IT Options

Explore IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is among the top food delivery app development companies, providing high-tech software solutions that are seamless to deploy. They have a specialized mobile app development team that works closely with customers to understand their requirements and give the most amazing output.

Potafo is a food delivery app built by Explore IT Solutions in Calicut, where many Keralites enjoy ordering tasty dishes from hundreds of providers delivered to their door. Potafo may be downloaded for free on IOS and Android devices.

Foodappsco is a unit of Fabian Technolab Private Ltd. and it is a top-rated online food delivery app development company. Foodappsco is an offshore software solution provider that has been building food delivery apps across the globe for more than eight years. An expert team of programmers works on coding web apps and mobile app solutions for the food delivery domain.

This team has a strong background in developing meal delivery mobile apps to meet the requirements of a variety of food establishments. The White Label Food Delivery App, for example, was built in partnership with Beacon Technologies to establish a unique brand and capture a big chunk of the market.

Infigic Technologies, Inc.

Infigic is a reputed e-commerce company who are master of mobile commerce app development. They were started by tenured professionals from the e-commerce industry. When it comes to building mobile commerce food delivery app and getting upgrades when needed and implementing the proven best practices becomes easy with a group of specialist mobile commerce app developers.

For a long time, Infigic has been one of the best mobile app development companies for food delivery and is the mobile commerce agency of choice for a lot of customers in the UK, America, India, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Infigic creates food ordering apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as a stable backend. Infigic recently developed sweets ordering app where customers can book sweets online and have them delivered to their homes using the apps built by Infigic technology.

I hope I provided you with a comprehensive list of food delivery software companies that will make your hunt for the software simpler and easier. If there are any other recommended companies then do share with me in the comments section.

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