Vehicle Expense Spreadsheet Excel Template (Free)

Looking for an Excel vehicle expense spreadsheet template?

Today’s post will provide a download link together with a  2 part step by step video on how to create the fleet maintenance spreadsheet excel document as instructed by Excel Pro – Randy Austin.

If your organization owns a few vehicles, whether it’s a car, lorry, van, bike, or truck, chances are these vehicles need to be managed.

Did you know that ClickUp offers a free facility and vehicle maintenance tracker that looks like the screenshot below?

When it comes to managing vehicles, do you have a good idea of the following aspects of each vehicle that need to be maintained?

  • When should each vehicle be serviced?
  • At what mileage should each vehicle be serviced?
  • What vehicle parts were changed and at what expense?
  • How often to service?
  • Should the vehicle be serviced at the dealer or just any workshop?
  • How were the vehicle repairs and expenses tracked?

Without a proper tool to track each vehicle’s service schedule as well it the expenses incurred, your business could get affected whenever there is a breakdown or car accident involving your organization’s fleet.

Common questions when it comes to vehicle maintenance record keeping

  1. How do I create a service schedule in Excel?
  2. How do I calculate mileage reimbursement in Excel?
  3. What is the formula to calculate mileage?
  4. How can I keep track of car maintenance?
  5. What is the best car maintenance app?

Why it’s important to maintain your fleet?

Planned vehicle preventative maintenance is set out to ensure all vehicles, services, and relevant parts are all maintained at regular intervals.

This helps to minimize partial or complete failure, and thus minimize business interruption.

It acts as a preemptive insurance policy against catastrophic failures.

Excel Vehicle Expense Spreadsheet Template

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Video on how to create the Vehicle Expense Tracker (Part 1)

Learn How To Create This Amazing Vehicle & Fleet Expense Tracker In Excel Today [Part 1]

Video on how to create the Vehicle Expense Tracker (Part 2)

Track Expenses, Fuel, Mileage AND Reminders in this Amazing Excel Vehicle Expense Tracker [Part 2]

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