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car accidentHave you ever been into a car accident before? Photo by meddygarnet.

Do you find yourself describing how the car accident happened to your friends and family members when they ask you about it?

It can be tough to explain how the accident occurred verbally, but a car accident diagram shows it all.

It may not be that important to show the car accident diagram to your friends and family members but it may be useful if you need to talk to the insurance company when making a claim.

A car accident diagram also helps when making a police report.

When I had a car accident a few years back, I remember that the police officer asked me a few details on how the accident occurred while he sketched / drew the event on a piece of paper for records purposes.

There’s nothing wrong with drawing on a paper, but if we want to be consistent and professional, we can make use of a car accident diagram software to help depict the event.

One such online car accident diagram software which is free and available online for you to use is

With AccidentSketch, you can:

choose vehicle

  • Choose your vehicle details which includes the type of vehicle and its color

choose opponent party vehicle

  • Choose your opponent party’s vehicle details which includes the type of vehicle and its color

sample accident sketch

  • On the left pane, you can select street, vehicles, traffic signs and drawing tools such as arrows.
  • On the middle pane is your drawing area where you just need to drag and drop the various images from the left to the middle drawing area. As you can see above, I drew a simple sketch of my last car accident where by I got knocked at the back of my car by a van which caused me to hit the car in front of me.

another sampleThe image on the left is another sample of  an accident sketch. It’s clear that the green car and the orange car collided from within a car park.

There are many ways how this road diagramming software can be utilized. Driving schools can also use this online tool to sketch some car driving instructions for their students to look through before they actually get on the car.

For more info about, check out their site today!

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  • As car insurance companies advise their clients never to admit liability in an accident, it is often the case that responsibility is denied in car accident claims for compensation.

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