Top 5 Building and Construction Management Software 2022

The building and construction industry has experienced a major transformation with the introduction of Construction management software. People in this industry have recognized the benefits of incorporating these software in their workflow to achieve more productivity and efficiency.

But popularity is not the only area where construction management software is experiencing growth. Considering the vast market of construction management software, many IT companies, wanting to profit from the demand of these software, have developed their own solutions to facilitate construction businesses.

As a result, the market has been flooded with many construction management software, giving rise to a new question for the construction industry “which software to use?”.

One might wonder, how different can this software be after all they all are used for the same purpose, but there are numerous factors in terms of performance, functionalities, and design that influence the extent of enhancement of your projects by using a particular software.

So after going through their individual performance and reviews, we bring you a list of the top 5 building and construction management software that you can consider for your company and save a lot of time and effort in selecting from a long list.

With contractors and builders are able to have instant access to the project information they need and make connecting with the team at HQ easy.

Best practice boards for managing all of your projects at a high level, your sub-contractor’s details, and working with contractors on an individual project board.

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Every construction business needs an effective and reliable inventory management process. If you ask any construction worker framing a building: While you could MacGyver two pieces of wood together with whatever items you have on hand, you’ll get the job done faster and better if you use the right tools.

For a more detailed overview of why every construction business needs an inventory system, check out Why is having inventory management software is so important for your business.

Choose the Right Tool for the Job: Excel vs Inventory Software

With extreme customization leading to unmatched flexibility and adaptability, BuilderTrend is undoubtedly one of the most popular software in the domain of construction project management. It is a cloud-based platform that provides all functionalities required for end-to-end project management under one roof.

These functionalities include scheduling, budgeting, timesheets, services management as well as a built-in customer relationship management system and other pre-sales tools. It further stands out by providing facilities such as daily webinars, support through chat along with the 24/7 help section and the Buildertrend Learning Community. Moreover, each company gets constant support and training from a team devoted to them.

It is easy to use software with automatic instant notifications and unlimited storage for the pictures related to the project. On top of it, the availability of a mobile app with remarkable performance makes it a clear winner.

As for the price, good things come at great expense. The monthly subscription of BuilderTrend will cost you around $300 for 5 users depending on the functionalities you include.

CoConstruct is a project and financial management software for home builders and remodelers which offers various facilities such as scheduling, communication, client, and subcontractor portals.

There is no bar on the customization or the modification of the software after you purchase which means you can basically create your own custom software that you know like the back of your hand which is the major feature of CoConstruct. Through this feature it lets you manage the perpetually changing concepts which means that CoConstruct removes the restriction on defined activities, designs, or materials giving more options to the constructor.

Another key feature is CoConstruct lets you add your own logo, images, and contact information along with the availability of professional marketing materials such as videos and PPTs to help you market your own brand. Moreover,  it is a complete web-based software with no hassles of installation and comes with a mobile app available for both onsite workers and clients.

The pricing structure is rather reasonable leading to its popularity. CoConstruct RAMP comes in a limited three-month plan at $49 per month providing unlimited access to all the functionalities. There is no free trial but three plans, core plan starting at $199 per month, standard plan at $249, and plus plan at $299.

Serving engineering firms and specialty contractors, Procore creates a complete environment for your project by providing a centralized hub to connect people, devices, and applications through its user-friendly web application. This hub comes with a centralized dashboard that gives an overview of your projects and lets you schedule tasks.

As a result, Procore is the optimum choice for managing multiple projects. Feature to add Unlimited collaborators further contributes to its popularity through which it allows you to add as many users as you want at no extra cost.

Because of an open API, Procore is available for integration with software in different domains like scheduling, reporting, and budgeting which makes it an ideal solution for all situations. Being drawing-centric, it offers remarkable interaction for the team including the onsite workers.

As for the pricing, Procore comes with an annual subscription at average pricing which is based on volume per job which makes it ideal for large contractors while small contractors may end up overpaying.

Procore Construction Software 5 Minute Overview


These software made the top list due to their proven benefits for several construction companies and their advantages over other construction management software. Hopefully, this narrows down your research work and you can quickly start experiencing the wonders of great construction management software.

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