55+ List of top open source BPM / workflow solution

workflowEvery organization has their very own distinct business processes which differentiates them from their competitors.

Some companies have predefined processes while some have processes which are defined by the employees themselves. Imagine what would happen if each customer support representative have their own way of managing a customer. Without a proper process in place, calls from customers can go unanswered and can be transferred endlessly.

Lately, with the help of advance web based solutions, business processes and workflows can be managed through business process management (BPM) solutions. These solutions can be used to easily create applications automate processes such as:

  • Change management
  • Quality control
  • Customer service
  • Claims management
  • Complaint management
  • Procurement

There are many BPM / Workflow solutions out there. The following are five open source BPM / Workflow solutions for you to evaluate before trying the proprietary ones.

1. Intalio

Intalio is an open source business process platform built around the standards-based Eclipse STP BPMN modeler and Apache ODE BPEL engine, both originally contributed by Intalio.

Intalio Enterprise provides all the components required for the design, deployment, and management of the most complex business processes which includes

  • BRE
  • BAM
  • Portal
  • ESB
  • ECM

Intalio is available in several editions but what we’re most interested in is Intalio’s free community edition. This edition is made of two components, Intalio Designer and Intalio Server.

Intalio Designer allows one to model  the business level processes for the model to be eventually deployed to Intalio Server. Intalio Designer is the only tool currently available on the market that allows any BPMN model to be turned into fully executable BPEL processes without having to write any code.

Intalio Server is a high-performance process engine that can support the most complex business processes, deployed within mission-critical environments.

If your organization is planning to automate business processes, Intalio should be in your list of consideration.

2. ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker is an open source business process management (BPM) and workflow software designed for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

ProcessMaker is a user friendly solution to manage workflow effectively and efficiently .

Business users and process experts with no programming experience can design and run workflows, increase transparency, and radically reduce paperwork,  automate processes across systems, including human resources, finance, and operations.

With ProcessMaker you can easily create workflow maps, design custom forms, extract data from external data sources and many more key features to optimize workflow management and business operations.

One key advantage of ProcessMaker is the online library which provides many process templates for you to download and begin editing. Learning curve can also be reduced since you’re starting from one which is already readily built and tested. Some sample process templates include:

  • Credit card application
  • Expense report process
  • City district zoning request

Updated 12 April 2009: Read my initial review of ProcessMaker

3. BonitaSoft

Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful open source business process management solution which is applicable for simple to complex processes.

The Bonita Studio which meets the business process management notation standard (BPMN) is part of the Bonita Open Solution which includes the Bonita Execution Engine and Bonita User Experience.

One strong point about Bonita Open Solution is its great user experience which is quite similar to your standard email Inbox for you to easily and quickly organize your work, follow up on tasks / cases and collaborate with colleagues.

4. Activiti

Activiti is an open source BPM platform for Java based environment. It’s source code is distributed under the Apache license.

Within the Activiti BPM platform are the following components namely: Activiti Engine, Activiti Modeler, Activiti Designer, Activiti Probe, Activiti Explorer and Activiti Cycle.

Unlike other open source bpm tools, Activiti is supported and developed by several companies such as SpringSource, Atos Origin, Signavio, Camunda and more.

5. UEngine

uEngine BPM is an open source BPMS that has been registered in SourceForge.net since 2003.

The uEngine BPM suite is divided into the following three key components:

  • uEngine BPM Foundation – with modeling tool and process engine
  • uEngine Process Portal – with dashboard and single sign on capabilities
  • uEngine BP Analyzer – OLAP based process analyzer

Besides being just a BPM suite, its uEngine BPM foundation is built along side other notable open source applications such as the Liferay Enterprise Portal, Mondrian OLAP Server, JBoss Drools BRE and Apache Axis II.

6. Cuteflow

Cuteflow, unlike Intalio and ProcessMaker, is a web based open source document circulation and workflow system.

Users are able to define “documents” which are send step by step to every station/user in a list. Imagine the scenario where a particular document is being sent to various parties for review and approval before it’s classified as a final document for submission purposes.

Cuteflow helps to automate the document circulation process within your office internal environment.

All operations like starting a workflow, tracking, workflow-definition or status observation can be done within a comfortable and easy to use webinterface.

Some key features of Cuteflow includes:

  • Free and Open Source!
  • Webbased User Interface
  • Integration of workflow documents in e-mail message
  • Unlimited amount of sender, fields, slots, receiver…)
  • Workflows can attach data and files
  • Flexible user management with substitutes

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So there you go, some open source BPM comparison for your organization to begin automating business processes. One thing about automating a business process is to ensure that a process is already mature. Just think about it. If a process is rather new and not fully tested, it’s bound to have some loopholes or problems in it. If there are real problems in an immature process, going ahead to automate it can speed up the problems. So do beware, while technology helps to speed things up, speeding up problems and loopholes can be disastrous.

Here are more BPM Tools for you to go through.

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BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects)

Tools that support the modeling and administration of People and Process: Business Process Modeling tools. These tools are indispensable in ITSM projects.
NOTE: also check the list of ITIL/ITSM tools.
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BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | LucidChart

Lucidchart is your solution for visual communication. Online flowcharts, diagrams, UML sketches, and ER models have never been easier. Start a free trial today!

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker delivers all the power of traditional BPM software while ensuring much easier system setup and application flexibility and configurability. Comindware Tracker is seamlessly pre-integrated with MS Outlook and MS SharePoint as well as is available both in Cloud and on-premise deployment. Full support for mobile platforms - iPhone, Android and iPad - is enabled.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Navvia online software & services take complexity out of ITSM

Design, improve & manage ITSM processes with Navvia. The social collaboration capability empowers a people-focused approach in building effective processes.



BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Rules

MAVIM Rules is hét systeem voor het beschrijven en modelleren van (werk)processen en wordt ingezet voor zaken als normeringen, wet- en regelgevingen en KPI-beoordelingen. Zowel strategisch als operationeel is rules een uitermate geschikt systeem. De software is zodanig ontwikkeld om organisatiebreed te worden ingezet.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Professional Flow Chart & Diagram Software | Microsoft Visio

Create professional diagrams to simplify complex information with updated shapes, collaboration tools, and data-linked diagrams.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Bizagi - Business Process Management (BPMS) and Workflow software

Leading BPM software (Business Process Management) for business process modeling, process automation, flowcharts and workflows. Bizagi BPM Suite (BPMS) supports the business process life cycle and drives business process improvement, with minimum programming

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm, a software design tool tailored for agile software projects. It supports UML, BPMN, ERD, DFD, SysML. It also supports use cases, wireframeing, code engineering, etc.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | SYDLE SEED

SYDLE SEED is a 100% web BPMS (Business Process Management System) designed for those who believe that having intelligent processes is a key factor for success of the organizations seeking for order and efficiency.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Perceptive BPM

You have a mission to substantially improve your organization-to align the way you do business with your primary business goals, whether they are to service your customers better, to do more with less or to reduce operational risk. You need a tool that can help you align your organization to your goals in a structured way, based on evidence, not guesswork.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | ARIS Express

ARIS Express is the free-of-charge business process management modeling software tool provided by IDS Scheer AG including EPC, BPMN, organisational chart and Microsoft Visio import. It is provided as a freeware download.



BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | ViFlow

ViFlow is een eenvoudig, maar compleet KAM- en procesmanagementsysteem. Het presenteert horizontale swimlane-schema's, die iedereen snel begrijpt. ViFlow combineert overzichtelijke Visio-schema's mét de ...=>

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Innovator Modeling Platform

Integrated solution, from requirements and business processes right through to application development Supports open industry standards (BPMN, UML, SysML, SoaML)



BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Sensus

Sensus-methode® Procesmanagement, Dutch
Acht iconen en vijf niveaus, meer heeft u niet nodig om al uw processen te beschrijven. Die eenvoud is kenmerkend voor de Sensus-methode procesmanagement. Die eenvoud vindt u ook terug in de Sensus-software. De Sensus-software sluit naadloos aan op de Sensus-methode en is om te beginnen zeer geschikt voor het vastleggen, beheren en delen van processen. Daarnaast vormt de Sensus-software een praktisch instrument om bijvoorbeeld te certificeren, te automatiseren of om doeltreffend verbetermanagement door te voeren.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | LearningGuide

LearningGuide Solutions, Dutch)
Effectieve ondersteuning op de werkplek
LearningGuide biedt eindgebruikers een effectieve manier om de juiste kennis te verkrijgen én te behouden. Het is een performance support systeem dat medewerkers op de werkplek ondersteunt bij het toepassen van (nieuwe) procedures en desktop- of bedrijfsapplicaties.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | ARIS Platform

Use ARIS platform strategy tools to align business processes with corporate adjectives. Optimize your project costing, personnel planning & Six Sigma initiatives.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Bonita Open Solution

Bonita Open Solution combines three solutions in one: an innovative Studio for process modeling, a powerful BPM & Workflow engine, and a breakthrough user interface.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Serena Business Manager

Serena Business Manager

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | iProcess (Infoland)

Dutch & German.
Procesmanagement verschaft inzicht in uw organisatieprocessen. iProcess is de softwaretool voor procesmanagement waarmee u dat inzicht doeltreffend creëert.
Taken, verantwoordelijkheden en bevoegdheden, ze kunnen met behulp van deze webbased softwaretool ....

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | MooD / Salamander

Salamander's MooD technology is the leading software platform for Enterprise Performance & IT Governance. Salamander's MooDenables an architecture-driven business solution that support decision effectiveness and operational...=>

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Solution Manager application management solution facilitates technical support for distributed systems – with functionality that covers all key aspects of solution deployment, operation, and continuous improvement. A ...=>



BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | ADONIS

The core task of ADONIS is to continually improve Process and Business Performance in organisations by building an integrated management system and providing transparent information for decision making. ADONIS supports you in ...=>

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | QualiWare

The QualiWare product line covers three main products, based on the core modeling suite QualiWare Lifecycle Manager: QEA, QEA and QBM.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | Salesforce Visual Process Manager

Force.com's Visual Process Manager allows you to automate workflows, business rules and easily manage your complex business processes.

BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker is open source business process management software and workflow software. ProcessMaker workflow management software allows public and private organizations to automate document intensive,...=>



BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects) | uEngine

uEngine is an open source BPMS. It was registered in SourceForge.net in 2003, and becomes one of the successful open source BPM projects with matured architecture and references in diverse industries....=>

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  • Hello!

    I’m working in a cleaning outsourcing company and my boss asked me to find a BPM easily to use, any recommendation besides of the ones above or maybe which it could fit better with the type of the company I work with. Thanks!

  • you want to be able to turn your BPMN processes into running applications, we just released BizAgi Xpress BPM Suite. So go on, visit our web site at http://www.bizagi.com, download it (no questions asked) and experience the power and simplicity of BizAgi Xpress; it provides enterprise class functionality at very low cost!

  • Hello
    THis seems to be very comprehensive mailing list for BPM related discussion. Congratulation for coming up with same.
    I have been tasked with converting already automated processes to BPEN/BPEL.
    By already automated I mean, we have a proprietary work flow tool with in our organization. There is rule engine and rules. However these rules are not standard BPEN rules. However some most complex business processes have been defined using this tool and they are buried in database tables.
    What should be starting point for the project

  • uEngine
    Very bad documentation, pour open-source support and not really good code structure inside,

  • Process Maker is a Pig to set up, and is very sluggish in its operations, the way it works is to create a virtual site copy for each process in the directory, and then deliver the pages this makes is quite sluggish,, and prone to cache synch problems.

  • Hi,

    Yaoqiang BPMN Editor (YBE) is a graphical editor for business process diagrams , compliant with OMG specifications( BPMN

    2.0 ).

    If you are interested in my project. you can visit it at: http://bpmn.sourceforge.net.

    Any advice or suggestion will be appreciated.


  • We used Feith Systems for our company’s workflow software
    needs, I suggest you also take a look at them.

  • WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS)
    WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS) is an easy-to-use Open Source Business Process Server that executes business processes written following WS-BPEL standard. WS-BPEL is emerging as the de-facto standard for composing multiple synchronous and asynchronous web services into collaborative and transactional process flows which increase the flexibility and agility of your Service Oriented Architecture. WSO2 BPS is powered by Apache ODE and available under Apache Software License v2.0. WSO2 BPS provides a complete Web based graphical console to deploy, manage and monitor business process and process instances.
    WSO2 BPS is developed on top of the revolutionary Carbon platform (Middleware a’ la carte), and is based on the OSGi framework to achieve the better modularity for you SOA. Carbon platform contains lots of new features and many other optional components that can be used to customize or enhance the functionalities provided by BPS to suits you SOA needs. In addition to installing optional components you can uninstall unwanted features without any trouble.

    Ref: http://wso2.org/project/bps/2.1.2/docs/

  • Great intro! I am curious to know if any of these products could manage project activities, anywhere from small scale moves and changes up to large scale systems replacements, for instance? I think workflow is the next big thing for the enterprise to tackle, but it needs to be so pervasive that the users and management view it as the work delivery mechanism. It provides the tasks in the right sequence, grades your performance, etc. 

    I am tired of working in a company where I have to constantly learn the “process”. I honestly dont want to know what the process is – only to get my tasks done! Unless of course, my task is to build and feed the workflow engine! 

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