How can multiple users use and share one PC

Recently someone left a comment on one of my posts asking for a way to simultaneously run two operating systems at the same time from a single machine.

The post on how to run multiple OS simultaneously in a computer actually discusses virtualization as a solution to running two or more OS at the same time.

Since the commenter mentioned that he’s not interested in the virtualization method, that got me thinking. Why would someone want the ability to run two OS at one time?

I Googled and tried to find out more about this particular requirement and soon came to the conclusion that some people may need the ability for a single PC to be used by two or more users at the same time.

Let’s take an example where two brothers are always fighting over who gets to use the PC first since there is only one machine at home.

Instead of purchasing another machine, maybe there’s a way to just plug in another monitor, keyboard, and mouse and both can use the computer at the same time.

Please note that I’m not talking about a remote desktop whereby one takes over control of another machine but rather both users having their very own computing experience at the convenience of a single computer.

So yes, one may be playing games while another is writing an email.

Multiple users using and sharing one PC at the same time, is this even possible? Yes, it is with this software called Userful Multiplier.

Userful Multiplier is a powerful software that is capable of splitting your PC (Linux OS) into 10, saving you more money and energy.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about going green within learning institutions and organizations.

With the userful multiplier software, implementors can help to create a better environment since it helps by saving on electricity use, electronic waste, hardware cost, and maintenance costs.

Over time, Userful is fast becoming the standard for green computing worldwide.

Schools can also use this software to allow several students to use the computer at the same time as if they are each having a machine by themselves.

To set this up, you’ll just need to install the software on the PC with Linux OS and connect extra monitors, a USB keyboard, and a mouse.

Below is a diagram of how it transforms a single typical PC into multiple system stations.

The only limitation of the software is its support for Windows apps which is explained in more detail here.

Personal and home users may take advantage of the free 2-user version of Userful Multiplier to turn their dual monitor Linux PC into a dual station PC.

With so many apps being hosted on the cloud these days, organizations can really get their businesses moving and running with Linux machines pre-installed with browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

Userful Desktop Simplifies Computing

Together with neat software like Userful Multiplier, multiple users can use and share the resource from one PC and yet be efficient at work, reduce energy consumption and most importantly reduce the need to buy too much hardware which may affect the bottom line of an organization or learning institution.

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