Why Your Ecommerce Store Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Who would’ve thought that one day an entire store would fit in the palm of your hand? Yes, mobile commerce is blowing up, mostly due to the ability to shop anytime and anywhere with ease.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that the mobile commerce market is continually expanding. Back in 2019, as much as 72% of the ecommerce market in China was mobile.

That’s a solid reason to make your ecommerce store suitable for mobile device users. There’s more to it than just chasing a growing market, though. Here are some more compelling reasons why your ecommerce website should be mobile-friendly.

Better Customer Retention

Convenience is an essential factor when it comes to mobile shopping. However, that convenience will be pushed into the background if your website is difficult to navigate on smartphones.

Optimizing your website for smaller screens (i.e., larger buttons, less content, faster loading time, smaller images, etc.) will do wonders for improving user experience.

Smooth user experience will inevitably lead to increased customer loyalty and retention rate.

But you can go one step further. Perhaps the best way to take advantage of mobile commerce is through building a mobile app.

Why is that? Let’s take a look.

Perks of Mobile Shopping Apps

Optimizing your website is not the only thing you can do for your business. Why not consider making a mobile shopping app? Apps can provide many benefits to your customers.

There’s a lot that an app can do for you as well, but here’s just a taste of what you can expect.

Customer Data

Mobile apps make it easier to collect customer data. You can use them to gain insight into their purchase behavior and how they interact with your store. Among other things, this includes demographics, session lengths, and how customers respond to certain content and features.


Since you can collect large amounts of customer data, you can leverage it to create a more personalized service. AI algorithms can make out what each customer wants to buy and then offer products that best match that purchase intent.

One-Click Purchase

Mobile and contactless payment systems let people enjoy a quick, hassle-free payment method. They usually don’t ask for your private information, allowing you to pay with a single click (as the name suggests).

Not only is it fast and convenient, but it also offers a high level of security to your customers.

Average Order Value

On top of being more likely to retain customers for the next order, a mobile app can boost your AOV (average order value).

AOV is a metric that allows you to evaluate customer buying behavior, which can improve your pricing strategy and online marketing efforts.


Ever since most internet users switched to mobile devices, the commercial market felt the need to do the same. But what merchants should also think about is how visitors will browse their store while they’re on mobile devices.

That’s why online stores should be mobile-friendly. Furthermore, creating a shopping app will provide a seamless experience for customers, together with a hassle-free payment system and enhanced security. A mobile-friendly ecommerce store will keep customers coming back for more.

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