How to hire a writer to complete your writing project

Today’s question to you is… do you like to write?

Every day at work, one of our key tasks involves writing. It could be writing an email, a product brochure, a sales report, or even a resignation letter.

It is important for us to be able to write well so that we can convey our messages clearly and effectively.

Although writing is an important skill to have, it’s not easy to master. Sometimes when we’re facing a deadline and we need to somehow complete the executive summary by the next day, we could feel our palms sweating and heart beating while we stare blankly at the computer screen.

We might just suffer from writer’s block and can’t seem to type any out thing.

When I suffer from this problem, that’s when I wished that there was someone out there who could help me complete my writing project, even for a fee.

Recently a friend Roy recommended that I hire trusted writers from Airtasker.

There must be some people in this world who have a clear mind with strong writing skills eagerly waiting for his / her next writing job.

This website called might just be the solution for us.

TextBroker is a marketplace for all your unique articles/text created specially based on your requirements.

I am a user of TextBroker and I find it a reliable and cost-effective place for us to get any writing projects done.

In general, TextBroker allows you as a client to specify your writing requirements as well as choose from a range of qualified writers to work on your text.

The writers are categorized by 5 stars. Basically, the more stars a writer has, the higher the payment per word.

For example, a 5 stars writer’s payment per word is 5 cents which is equivalent to $25 USD for a 500 words article.

A 3 stars payment per word is 1 cent which is equivalent to $ 5 USD for a 500 words article.

So depending on your budget and how urgent you need the text, TextBroker’s list of authors are all waiting in line to complete your writing assignment.

The following are some guidelines on how to use TextBroker to get your writing done.

Firstly, you’ll need to register as a client for free. Once done, you’ll get to log in to TextBroker.

Let’s say you now need someone to help you write an executive summary for a proposal that you’ve just written. To do that click on Assignments > New Order.

Now you get to select either an Open Order or a Direct Order. Open orders will be shown to all authors while direct orders will only be shown to the author of your choice.

If you’re using TextBroker for the first time, it’s advisable to submit an OpenOrder in order to get the best feedback.

Direct orders are more applicable if the author has previously written something for you and you prefer him/her to work on your next article.

To choose Open Order, click on the start link. You can now fill in the details for your order.

The order description is where you should clearly describe the requirement for your text. For example, you might want to indicate that you prefer lots of bullet points rather than long paragraphs. You can also put a few example links/resources for the writer to read prior to writing.

Once you have filled up everything, click on calculate order and you’ll see the following screenshot.

To confirm placing the order, click on the place binding order button. You can also revise your order by clicking on the change order button.

Do note that before you can even proceed up to this stage, you’ll need to first fund your account with a minimum amount of $25 via Paypal or Credit Card.

So far I have placed 2 orders via TextBroker and I’ve received my article within 24 hours.

You can read the live samples here:

  • OpenERP Review – a summary of the open source ERP
  • 8 steps to take before developing a service catalog

Although I did make some amendments here and there you’ll see an outcome in general. Also, these articles are written by 3 stars authors.

Another thing to highlight, when your article is done, you’ll receive an email notification to check out the article. Depending on whether you’re satisfied with the article, you can request for the article to be rewritten up to your expectations. However, you can’t just cancel your order and get your money back. Once you place a binding order, you can consider that article as paid.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the features of TextBroker as well as the quality of work provided by the authors. I will definitely revisit TextBroker in the future when I do need any writing to be done.

Check out TextBroker yourself today!

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  • I have never heard of text broker, thanks for explaining what it does and how easy it looks to get started. Very detailed post.

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