How to Use Instagram for Beginners?

After Facebook, it is time for Instagram to offer the facility of Social Media Marketing. Being introduced in 2010, it took just nine years to garner over 500 million active users. This credibility completely goes to its unmatched features and its wide interface.

Now, rather than a photo sharing account, it is recognized as the largest Social Media platform reliable for online marketing. It has the potentiality to reach millions of users. But to use this facility seamlessly you have to know Instagram marketing tips for beginners.

When it was first introduced, 35% of its users use it for sharing and uploading photo and was recognized as the video and photo sharing app. As soon as it has developed and launched its marketing facility, 70% of people using this app for online marketing. According to Hootsuite, 60% of the Instagram users hunt for new products and services from this wide platform.

Instagram has virtually made things possible. A person who is well-known with the tips to use Instagram for business knows how to use this huge opportunity. This platform allows you to reach a huge target audience with just a post. Hasn’t it any value?

But to use Instagram successfully, you have to know the Instagram tips. In this article, we will provide you with the complete step-by-step Instagram tutorial so that you can optimize your business with the help of online marketing.  Let’s have a look at them.

Step- I: Develop a mind-blowing profile on Instagram

The very first step of online marketing via Instagram is to create an Instagram profile. It is a very important aspect to ponder for the small businessmen and develop the business accordingly.  The profile will act as your brand representative and allow the user to acquire a crystal clear picture of your services and products.

While developing an account you will get an option names bio. In Instagram, it is similar to that of an elevator pitch. It is the space where you must include your services and profession. You can include your hobbies and about your side-gigs as well (if any).

While tailoring the account, you must use the Instagram tips for business. It will remind you of pondering several focused action verbs and keywords and utilize them in the profile.

It will create a great impact on your business as users can easily find you with the help of these focused words. Don’t forget to give a profile picture to make the profile looks complete.

Step-II: Utilize the Instagram stories

Sometimes, after log in our Instagram account, we can see the stories shared by the people followed by us, right? Actually, this section is specifically for online promotion and pre-launching advertisement though people do share their personal unforgettable moments here.

You might have noticed that some advertisements are being shared in the stories with some interesting quote. Some post a product with a countdown clock attached to it. It is done to garner the attention of the people easily and to excite them about the services and products.

There are many other hype building options on the Instagram stories section like contest creation, live broadcasting, implementation of the poll, asking for suggestions and lots more. What else required for promoting a business!

This is an important Instagram tip for beginners, as it will do the promotion job completed by 50%.

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Step-III: A gamut of content

At first, answer a question, will you ever buy a product or service online without reading its description? The answer will be “No”. Then as a beginner, you have to go through the Instagram tutorial 2019 to know the prominence of content for online and Social Media marketing.

Nowadays, as technology becomes advanced, the people who are using them become more intelligent and will not get convinced easily. Thus as a businessman, you have to provide the utmost freedom and interactive space to your clients and customers. So, apart from providing a brief description of your company, do include content for every product or services that have launched and are about to be launched.

The end of the content must be quite interesting and engaging that it binds the customers to share their opinions, comments and raise their queries as well.

Step-IV: Application of #hastags   

Instagram has undergone a lot of transformation and upgrade in these nine years.  It is #hastags that boosts the business and offer an outburst start in this hyper-competitive global online market.

If you excel in choosing the right ones, then you can easily reach the peak of online marketing followed by a great brand and business revenue. Seems like a dream? But, only your dream can lead you to the top. For this, you have to understand what a #hastag refers to.

Simply, it acts as a focal point of a particular area, a sector, and a representation. It makes its impact remarkably and leads your brand to earn quick recognition and reputation with a large number of followers and users. But you have to ponder the #hastag for your business for optimizing your business with such a rapid expansion.

Step-V: Offer a clear call to actions (CTAs)

Do you want to know what the people of this generation actually want? We always look for new products and services online. As soon as we watch for a product online, we certainly buy it. It is the nature of the people and you must utilize it as a beginner to obtain a boost.

According to the Instagram tutorial for business, call to Actions has an integral role to present the brand with an international identity. Therefore, while introducing any service or product for the first time you must provide it with Call to Actions like Grab Now, Book Now for a fixed tenure. It will even act as a limited time period offer.


Hope, you have clearly understood this step-by-step guide of Instagram tips for beginners. These are the pivotal steps and play a crucial role to optimize the business of a startup. By strictly adhering to these tips, you can stand out from the crowd in Social Media Marketing.

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