ScreenConnect – a self hosted Remote Support Software

Most web-based remote support software these days is hosted by the solution providers.

The problem with this is that the data is traversing through a 3rd party relay and causes the users to be dependent on the reliability of the solution provider.

To better describe this situation, imagine if you’re currently located in Singapore and you’re trying to provide some computer assistance to a client who is also in Singapore.

If you are subscribed to a remote support solution provider which is based in the US, the data transmission probably goes all the way to the server which is in the US, and then back to Singapore.

If the user experience caused by this distance and 3rd party relay is degraded, then you might want to consider implementing a self-hosted remote support software for the best reliability and speed.

One such software is ScreenConnect.

With ScreenConnect, you can basically provide remote support for your users with the following key features in mind:

  • Ability to record screen to an AVI file
  • Chat while providing support
  • Securely transfer files across
  • Remote rebooting to safe or normal mode
  • Supports most operating systems
  • Small download for your user (100KB)
  • Encrypted sessions (AES 256 bit cipher)
  • Embeddable within any website

Some sample screenshots:

Multiple sessions connected at the same time

Connected Host

The thing that differentiates ScreenConnect from most other remote support software providers has to be its self-hosted remote support software and its price.

The cost comparison sheet provided by ScreenConnect clearly outlines the various costs associated with each of the software. Some are as high as $200k or more a year.

Luckily with ScreenConnect, the highest that you’ll pay for is $2,500 one-time payment for unlimited sessions. Note that there are also no monthly fees tied to it.

In my opinion, it all depends on the level of remote support feature required. Some use it to conduct online training while some just need the software occasionally to support friends and family members who are having trouble with their machines.

Before you invest in any high-end remote support software, do check out ScreenConnect and give the self-hosted remote support software a 30 day free trial a try to check if it fits your requirements.

Connectwise Control Screenconnect MSP & IT Remote Support Tool

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  • I can’t agree that this software is that cool.

    The installation process was painful and the guide was useless.

    Looks like it’s another VNC product and why do I have to pay for free VNC products.

    No thnx.

  • I agree that self-hosted solution is more reliable than 3rd party solution provider. And there is another self-hosted solution: hardware-based remote support appliance.

  • I agree that this software is a cut above the rest and self hosting means you don’t have to pay a service provider each and every month. I have used the software and find it to be the best bargain out there. In addition, I can restart the connected client in safe mode to troubleshoot malware infections remotely. Others cannot do that!

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