List of SaaS web based on demand help desk applications

As a service provider, how does your organization manage service requests?

Most customers would prefer to call in and ask for help while some might just send an email.

Either way, it’s vital for all service providers to have the ability to manage and track every single incident/request made by customers.

In the past, help desk agents would log down a service request on paper or an excel sheet. This method made tracking the status of the requests difficult and at times forgotten altogether.

These days there are many help desk applications out there in the market to help us better manage customer requests.

The common features provided by help desk applications include the ability to:

  • Log down incidents / requests
  • Tag the priority based on the criticality
  • Escalate an incident to another person
  • Provide service managers with a dashboard and consolidated view of all incidents/requests

In today’s post, I’ll be highlighting 5 SaaS web-based on-demand help desk applications that your organization can start using today without the need for any installation or assistance from the technical IT team.

These SaaS help desk applications are all hosted by the software creators and charge a monthly subscription usage fee.

The following are 5 top SaaS web-based on-demand help desk applications:


NetHelpDesk is a help desk software with key features such as help desk request management, email, active directory & calendar integration, request form management, workflow management, CRM, and more.

NetHelpDesk is created specifically for those on the move and can be accessed via smartphones and tablets.

The company is based in the UK but has over 1,000+ customers from the United States, Pacific Coast all the way to New Zealand.

HelpSpot is a comprehensive web-based help desk software with key features such as workflow with rule based logic, a customer self-service portal, real-time help desk reporting, better email management, and many more.

HelpSpot is available as a hosted software as well as a direct download which can be hosted in-house.

A key strength of HelpSpot has to be its developer API which allows integration to be done with other external systems such as the HRMS, CRM, LDAP, etc.

Zendesk is a customer support help desk system with a complete interface for customers, support agents, and customer representatives.

With Zendesk, you can collect trouble tickets, implement workflow and business rules, brand the looks of the help desk app, allow customers access to an online support community, and many more.

Just like HelpSpot, Zendesk is very strong in terms of integration with external apps and even has pre-built integration done with other notable systems such as, Campfire, and GroundWork Open Source.

Kayako is a help desk software, live chat software, and customer service software.

Kayako’s key features include ticketed support, email management, advanced reporting, workflow, SLA management, ticket scheduling,  site visitors monitoring and chat, resource publishing, and many more.

Kayako is available in both hosted and download versions. For registered charity and open source software projects, Kayako is available free of charge with certain terms and conditions being applied.

Tender Support is a simple-to-use help desk application that helps you focus on providing your core services.

Tender is a hosted application and has many help desk features such as requests collection via email, a knowledge base to help customers, a public discussion area, permission-based discussions, a customizable interface, and many more.

Tender Support to me has one of the nicest and cleanest user interfaces I’ve seen.

——————– End of Saas Help Desk Applications ———————-

There you go, hope this list here helps you to choose and evaluate a suitable help desk application for your service-oriented organization.

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  • Thanks for providing the SAAS web based help desk software list.And AJ Help desk SAAS is also the web based help desk sofware.AJ help desk is simple but effective web based customer support software.

  • I would add HappyFox (, a customer support tool to your list. A great user interface and powerful automation features along with an affordable pricing model, make HappyFox a value for money tool.

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