Top Three Benefits of Server Monitoring

GFI server monitoringStaying on top of your network infrastructure can feel like a mammoth undertaking – unless you employ server monitoring. This solution has multiple benefits and allows you to free up your IT resources, putting them to use on far more productive tasks.

Let’s look at the benefits of using a server monitoring solution.

Automated checks

Server monitoring can be set to perform a wide variety of checks on your system. It can look at hard disk space remaining, see that backups have been completed successfully, watch whether Windows services are running smooth, as well as ensure your antivirus is updated.

Apart from saving you the huge amount of time it would take to complete these checks manually, server monitoring solutions offer you the ability to customize checks and determine how often they are carried out. Also, knowing that your backups have executed correctly allows you to enjoy some peace of mind should disaster strike.

Customizable alerts

Having a server monitoring solution keep an eye on your network is all well and good, but how will you know if something is wrong? After all, you can’t be in the office every minute of every day.

Good server monitoring solutions offer a variety of notification options that include email and text messages. This allows system administrators to stay in touch with what is going on with their network and take immediate remedial action.

This proactive approach enables a system administrator to keep a close eye on the network and question any irregularities. It also minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity across the network. And in the event that a problem requires intervention, the administrator can log into the server monitoring software and reboot a server or restart a Windows service remotely.

customizable alerts

Mobile workforce included

Organizations today are no longer based in a single location. Remote employees and outsourced workers are changing the way in which companies operate, while this new flexibility is also making IT infrastructures more complex. Managing these diverse workstations can be something of a nightmare.

A server monitoring solution allows you to include your mobile workstations in its scheduled checks and provides you with an instant picture of their health, while notifying you of any potential issues. You can thus optimize your network, even if you have workstations scattered around the globe. A good solution also offers asset tracking and inventory for connected workstations, allowing you to keep track of software and hardware installed on remote machines.

Server monitoring is another pair of eyes firmly fixed on your network, while you attend to the myriad of other tasks that fill your day. And, in doing so, it helps you optimize your network, maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

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