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3-group_door_sideMany organizations fail to realize the importance of having data backups being stored in a safe remote area until their data becomes unrecoverable and is gone for ever.

We have heard of restoration process failing when it’s required to work but just doesn’t.

Some organizations have not tested their restoration project management process properly and only found out that their data can’t be recovered because of some incomplete configurations being applied.

The best and safest way to protect an organization’s data is to perform backup and synchronize the data to a remote location.

This way, you can be assured that your data is available and accessible from the remote location right after the backup is done and not when something terrible has happened to the disk which holds the files.

But how easy is it to copy files from one place to another? Depending on how huge the files are, the entire process can take a long time. There must be a solution.

The recommended way to backup and restore files

The straight forward answer is using rsync technology.

Rsync originated from the Linux environment and has been made available on Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

The conventional backup strategy requires us to copy entire folder of files  on a periodic basis over and over again making it time consuming and difficult.

Rsync is really powerful because it allows only files which have been changed to be copied over thus saving time and bandwidth.

Example scenarios using rsync

1. A photographer takes photos on a daily basis and transfers all images into his personal computer. To automatically backup his images to his office server, he uses a software with rsync technology to automatically transfer only the new images that he has uploaded for the day.

2. On a daily basis, I place all my working folders and files on my desktop. I use the rsync software to automatically backup everything from my desktop during lunch time.

3. Outlook.pst files can be backed up effectively using rsync. A 1.9 GB .pst file can take up to 4 hours to backup over a slow DSL line but subsequent backups can take just a few minutes because only the difference in file is being transfered over thus making outlook.pst file backup very efficient.

List of tools utilizing rsync technology

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