Top ways to succeed in WhatsApp clone app

Instant messaging, video calling, and sharing things with people are very much considered for all. For all this, we all know the app called WhatsApp. While focusing above mentioning features, data security had the topmost priority.

Today, Whatsapp clone apps have gained popularity in the domain of instant messaging. If you want to build your WhatsApp clone app, you can reach out to the top WhatsApp clone app development companies. They will help you to make the best clone app for messaging and other purposes.

Before we start discussing the top ways to succeed in the WhatsApp clone app, you must know what a clone app is.

What is a clone app?

Clone apps or app cloners allow you to make a copy of an app on your device. So, you can use two accounts of the same application on one device simultaneously. When the clone app is turned on, a new copy of the app will be generated on the home screen. The copy and its new app can operate simultaneously without influencing each other.

There are some clone apps like WhatsApp clone apps, Facebook clone apps.

Some companies create WhatsApp clone apps, Facebook clone apps etc.

The profit of a company certainly depends on how well the company develops the clone app and includes advanced features. So, the company must know the process nicely. Now, let us talk about how to create a WhatsApp clone app.

How to create a WhatsApp clone app:

Instant messaging apps are emerging nowadays. Developers want to put several features in one single app.

Whatsapp introduced several features into it. But, WhatsApp did not include an API in their platforms.

API: The term denotes application programming interface. It is a software intermediary that enables two applications to communicate with each other. Each time you utilize an application like Facebook, send instant message services, or check the traffic of weather on your phone, you are operating an API.

The notion of messaging app development should not concentrate on building the mandatory features alone. The app should also be competent to incorporate creation that may be expected in the future.

What are the WhatsApp Features to consider:

You can add those features in the apps-

  1. Messaging status such as pending, send
  2. Copy, paste the message
  3. Audio messaging, forwarding message
  4. Delete the message from the chat
  5. Sending stickers and emoji
  6. Searching message history
  7. Disable or enable notification for a message
  8. Send or open file attachments
  9. Send contact
  10. Reading QR code.

Some features are very common and basic messaging apps were also provided to us. But some significant features must include payment, integration with booking services, ticketing, hotel reservation, payment of bills, subscription services, and many more.

To create the WhatsApp clone app, you must:

  1. Simplicity is the ultimate thing:

When you are about to create an app, simplicity should be your topmost priority.

Always keep your data structures simple.

Remember, the biggest enemy of speed when transiting data is over-querying. Over querying is the process of retrieving more data than you need in a determined moment.

  1. App performance: Developers try to develop the platform based on the programming language. So the developers use a good programming language for the app.

Before using the programming language for creating a new app, developers must know the merits and the demerits of the programming language because the app performance depends on the programming language.

  1. The interface of messaging:

The interface of messaging should be straightforward. Just select the user and start chatting. To present this feature, the app should be simple in all nature.

The following are important things to work on the interface of messaging.

  • User feedback: creates a user feedback mechanism.
  • Application testing: Since the messaging app is used all the time, it is at high risk that the app will be used unpredictably. That is why consider app testing under all imagined conditions.
  • Display all errors when they occur:  Do not leave the user wondering What happened to the app. Find out and display all the errors when they occur.
  • Audio messaging: Replay of Audio message, another important feature to include. It is very important that the user can hear or play after the message was sent or maybe for later use.
  1. Privacy and security:

First thing you must know as an app developer is the legal requirements in terms of privacy and security.

To build a secure WhatsApp clone app, your Development team must safeguard the privacy of user data, information, communication between the user through messages and have to be more careful about users safety.

Many features can be applied to improve the safety and privacy of the app. Think about creative strategies to prevent the current loopholes in existing apps.

How much does it cost to create a WhatsApp clone app

The cost to develop a similar app like WhatsApp with such features is around $50000-$60000 and varies with the features you will decide to include in this app.

Above and beyond the app’s features the cost of development is calculated by the time spent on the various processes that are covered under agile project management. For a chatting app, it’ll be like

  • UI/UX design: up to 300 hours
  • Code development: 900 hours
  • 20% quality testing and 10% project management.

Developing a WhatsApp Clone app with the topmost features can be challenging for you. We are a WhatsApp Clone app development company. Hence, we can help you to grow and intimate those reaches into your WhatsApp Clone app effortlessly. You can reach out to us.


The procedure of developing a clone app is very complex. So experienced and professional developers must and should develop apps similar to WhatsApp. The chat applications are complex. So the developers should use the right tool for developing the app. There are so many companies developing WhatsApp clone apps, many more are coming. But before starting to develop the app plan thoroughly, engage expert staff and use the right tool for it.

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