How Updated ARCore and ARKit Expand Your App Functionality?

Augmented Reality App Development has brought new changes in the technical world to make people experience something extraordinary. With Augmented Reality, it has become possible to make every process simple and easily manageable. Augmented Reality has benefitted various domains with unique and innovative solutions over the years.

Two popular updated AR platforms ARCore and ARKit have enhanced mainstream features of mobile application development in recent years. ARCore and ARKit have improved functionalities of different applications so that users get to enjoy something more advantageous and exciting. ARCore features and ARKit features have been updated with time to bring new possibilities of Augmented reality into use.

Use of ARCore and ARKit: Technological Advancement

Google and Apple, the industry-leading tech-giants have used the Augmented Reality platform as ARCore and ARKit respectively for going forward in their journey. Google and Apple have ruled over the technological market with AR inventions and innovation in the form of ARCore and ARKit. Since the release of Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit, Augmented Reality has made its way into the mobile market.

Improved AR capabilities for mobile platforms have allowed creating users’ experiences. The capabilities of ARCore and ARKit have already enhanced applications’ functionalities to make everything simpler and better. The advanced features of ARCore and ARKit have inspired different brands to utilize this platform for developing applications as per users’ requirements. Advanced ARCore and ARKit applications have appeared to be quite favorable for most of the gamers that brands are focusing on developing Augmented Reality applications innovatively.

Basic ARCore Features and ARKit Features

The fundamentals of these two are quite similar based on three main requisites for functional Augmented Reality software. The following ARCore features and ARKit features have turned out to be beneficial for increasing applications’ functionality.

  • Motion Tracking: ARKit and ARCore both have achieved motion tracking through a technology called visual-inertial odometry (VIO).
  • Lighting Estimation: ARKit and ARCore have brought the same lighting dynamics as real-world scenes in applications so that users get to experience something like natural.
  • Plane Detection: ARKit and ARCore applications have the capability of recognizing the difference between vertical and horizontal planes in the device camera’s view field.

Some Key AR Development Features and Functions with ARCore and ARKit

  • ARCore and ARKit incorporate 2D and 3D object tracking.
  • The clever use of anchors by both of them has stopped AR content from being lost.
  • They can integrate with third-party tools like the UNITY game platform.
  • They both support SLAM mapping and geolocation, facial tracking, on-device as well as cloud marker storage.

Some ARCore and ARKit concepts that Developers have used to expand apps’ functionality

ARKit vs ARCore Side By Side Comparison

AR allows users to explore different scenarios with 360-degrees video and virtual simulations. ARKit is increasing app engagement whereas ARCore is focusing on app fulfillment. Some differences between ARCore and ARKit are quite prominent. When mapping is considered, ARCore comes with a distinct advantage to manage larger maps. On the other hand, ARKit applications store the most recently captured location data. Google tracks more feature points compared to Apple. This indicates that the mapped area expands more quickly in ARCore applications.

  1. ARCore and ARKit are making smartphones full of useful features. Most flagship phones are built with AR capabilities at the present moment so that users can use AR applications quite easily. Brands are getting interested to use AR platform to enhance the functionality of different applications for the convenience of the users. AR application development is changing how to learn, see, realize, and think. ARCore and ARKit have integrated AR in smartphones to improve different functionalities of applications from different categories.
  2. Cloud anchors can create a multiplayer user experience. It works by syncing the location of an object in 3D space to the cloud. When another person uses the same application, cloud anchors help both of them to experience the same virtual object in the same location. Cloud ARCore and ARKit are trying to develop applications accordingly so that cloud anchors work efficiently to provide users a unique experience.
  3. With the use of augmented images, developers expanded applications functionality in ARKit and ARCore platforms. From viewing to functionality- AR has enhanced users’ experience of using an application remarkably.

Developers at Queppelin is looking forward to creating newer AR mobile applications or adding new AR elements to existing software. The up-gradation of ARCore and ARKit has resulted in improving the functionality of various applications. Augmented Reality application development has opened up newer business opportunities.

Education and training, entertainment and games, transport and logistic, designing, and modeling- are some areas where Augmented Reality has introduced huge changes. Queppelin has developed AR applications to facilitate different operations in these fields. If you wish to expand your app with ARCore, you can consult with highly-qualified and experienced developers at Queppelin.

How ARCore and ARKit has enhanced users’ experience of using newer applications

ARKit and ARCore as sets of software development tools have helped developers to create Augmented Reality applications for Android and iOS platforms. These have also helped developers to improve different elements and functions of AR applications. ARKit and ARCore have made use of the existing features and hardware found on smartphones to the creation of improved applications possible.

Augmented Reality applications have the potential to recognize the surrounding environment and overlay 3D virtual and digital objects in spaces around users in the real world. ARKit and ARCore have enhanced users’ experience by making utility and entertainment applications more useful. One of the most common examples of what ARKit and ARCore have done is the inclusion of filters and lenses to enhance the selfie experience.

ARKit is increasing app engagement by allowing people to play games together. The benefits, that ARKit-based apps have offered users, have encouraged developers at Queppelin to work with a new focus. They are trying to bring new changes to applications with ARKit tool so that users can enjoy something beyond traditional ARKit apps like Civilization AR, Froggipedia, Monster Park, Boulevard AR, and Dance Reality. ARKit features have appeared to be advantageous not only for adding new features to applications but also for enhancing application functionality for users.

ARCore features have allowed the virtual world to co-exist with the real world by enhancing applications’ capabilities. With ARCore, it has become easier to integrate Augmented Reality elements smoothly in the real world. You are going to be introduced to new ARCore based applications to experience something new. Measure, Playground, Just a Line, Tower AR have utilized motion tracking, light estimation, and environmental capabilities of ARCore. However, developers of Queppelin have dedicated themselves to bring something innovative and more useful. With these applications, application development companies get to earn more profit within a short time.

Augmented reality has changed the conventional ways we have thought of doing simple and difficult jobs. Augmented Reality has benefitted users by making their task easier than ever before. With the capabilities ARCore and ARKit, we have successfully improved applications’ functionality and gone a step further. Want to build a mobile application with ARCore or ARKit? Queppelin’s Augmented Reality App Development service has been introduced to help you. Now you can expend your app with ARKit and ARCore to perform difficult business functions with ease. Thanks to ARCore and ARKit capabilities that have facilitated applications’ functionalities so far.

ARCore and ARKit have solved all the problematic and challenging issues related to AR applications. ARKit and ARCore have made life more enjoyable than before by enhancing applications’ functionality. Queppelin has renewed its Augmented Reality app development services to swerve clients with ARCore and ARKit based applications ideal for businesses, education, entertainment, and many more. Developers at Queppelin have devoted them to serve clients with AR newer applications as per users’ requirements. With ARCore and ARKit, complex ideas are becoming easily understandable and representable. Queppelin is developing AR applications for different platforms so that users can use those applications with ease and comfort and experience something far better.

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