5 more alternatives to Sharepoint that I missed out

About a month ago, I listed out 10 alternatives to Sharepoint for small businesses and found out that there are actually many people who are searching and seeking for Sharepoint alternatives. photo credit: blueoxen

Maybe they have used and tested Sharepoint’s capabilities but have moved on to another organization and now realize the need for similar intranet based functions which fits their IT budget.

Since that post, I stumbled on 5 more alternatives to Sharepoint so I thought I should mention them as well. Here it goes:

Liferay is a leading open source portal for enterprise and is proven by over 500 clients across various industries.

On its website, it is mentioned that customers that deploy Liferay portal are able to save an average of 93% over its competing enterprise solutions.

Key modules of Liferay includes content management, document management, web publishing, knowledge sharing workspaces, enterprise collaboration, social networking, identity management, self service portals and its newly launched Liferay Social Office – a social collaboration solution for the enterprise.

Central Desktop is an online web based social collaboration platform which allows people to connect and share business related information.

There are three main editions to choose from mainly the Free and basic edition for small teams, Workgroup edition for small companies or departments and Enterprise edition for medium to large organizations.

Key modules of Central Desktop includes file sharing, wikis, online spreadsheets, forums, calendars, task management, MS Office integration, customizable workflow, web meetings and more.

Socialtext is a leading enterprise social software company that created Socialtext 4.5 to allow employees of an organization the ability to share critical business information and work together in real time.

Socialtext can be deployed in several ways namely as a hosted service (SaaS  by Socialtext), on-site appliance (hosted by the client in house), hosted appliance (appliance hosted by an external data center).

Key modules of Socialtext includes social networking, microblogging, group collaboration, social spreadsheets, dashboard, internal blogs, wiki workspaces, desktop app, mobile app and the ability to integrate with other internal enterprise apps such as those related to CRM and ERP.

Jive Software is one of the fastest growing social business software (SBS) company where it’s solutions help organizations engage employees and customers by allowing social capabilities across all levels of the business.

Jive can be deployed in two ways namely Jive’s Software as a Service (SaaS) and a Licensed / Self Hosted model which can be installed and hosted inside your company’s firewall.

Key modules of Jive includes social networking, collaboration software, community software, social media monitoring.

TeamLab is an open source platform / intranet solution for project management and business collaboration purposes.

TeamLab can be used by downloading and installing it in house or by simply subscribing for the SaaS version which provides access to the portal in just a few minutes.

Key modules of TeamLab includes TM Community, TM Projects, TM Talk. For more details on TeamLab, read this previously written TeamLab Review.

—————– End of 5 more alternatives to Sharepoint that I missed out —————

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