Top 10 WordPress Website Development Services and Trends 2023

Initially released in 2013, WordPress is a versatile and adaptable platform that is available in more than 70 languages and offers a wide variety of functions. Moreover, with over 19 years of existence, WordPress has helped businesses ensure simple blogging platforms are transformed into powerful Content Management Systems (CMSs). Due to the wide variety of features and functionalities offered, WordPress is highly popular and used by approximately 63.1% of all websites. This is why more and more businesses are adapting to the platform and looking for professional WordPress website development services.

WordPress also has a wide library of impressive features, third-party service integrations, and plugins to ensure businesses get access to customized WordPress website development services. This helps organizations scale and grow their businesses without spending much time and effort. Moreover, the platform keeps on evolving to ensure business needs are taken care of.

To help you know more about it, the following article discusses the trending WordPress website development services that businesses must know about. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and learn more about the current trends that a professional WordPress developer must know about!

What Is WordPress?

Most businesses and organizations choose WordPress to better develop and manage their website content. After all, the platform’s ability for personalization helps a wide range of businesses serve their evolving needs. WordPress’s simple interface, plugins for functionality, and customizable designs are other prime reasons for its popularity.

Additionally, WordPress is also easy to use and allows developers to easily build and customize websites as per business needs. It is expected that WordPress demand in 2023 will rise and see several upcoming trends. But, how do you stay updated? Well, the following article will discuss the trending WordPress website development services that businesses must know in 2023.

Top 10 Trending WordPress Website Development Services

The following section discusses the trending WordPress website development services in 2023. We also discuss their features and explain how they can help you in detail.

Latest WordPress Version – WordPress 6.1

WordPress 6.1 is the latest version of WordPress, the most popular content management system, and was released in December 2021. With new features for both developers and users, WordPress 6.1 ensures better performance for websites. Some key features of WordPress 6.1 that WordPress developers for hire must know include:-

  • Block Editor Improvements – With an improved block editor with new features and tools, WordPress 6.1 makes development easier and more efficient.
  • New APIs – APIs help developers modify and develop codes efficiently, and with new APIs available in WordPress 6.1, it is a must to know about the platform.
  • Better User Experience – The new block editor allows a better user experience that helps users easily create and edit their website content.
  • Performance Optimization – WordPress 6.1 includes performance optimizations to load pages faster and improve user experience.
  • Better Accessibility – The new version includes a wide range of accessibility features that allow users with disabilities to better use the website.

WordPress VIP Version

The premium version of WordPress, WordPress VIP version allows large organizations and enterprises to use WordPress website development services without much complications. With an added layer of support and security, developing websites with complex functionalities with WordPress has become a cakewalk. Some key features of WordPress VIP are:-

  • Increased Support – With WordPress VIP, your development team gets 24/7 access to solve problems related to trending WordPress website development services and troubleshoot other issues.
  • Better Security – With a robust security infrastructure, WordPress developers can protect their websites from malicious attacks and security threats.
  • Optimized Performance – WordPress VIP offers performance optimization to ensure sites get loaded quickly and perform smoothly even with high traffic.
  • Better Customization – With the help of WordPress VIP, developers get access to a team of experts for custom development with the help of integrations.
  • Scalability – Since WordPress VIP is mainly used to handle the business needs of large companies, applications can be easily scaled on the platform.

Video Backgrounds

Another popular trend among WordPress website development services is video backgrounds which means that videos act as the background of a web page. It can be easily achieved using HTML5 video tags, custom code, or plugins. Some benefits of video backgrounds are:-

  • Visual Impact – Video backgrounds offer incredible user experiences with the help of visually stunning website backgrounds. This also helps create an immersive experience to gain the attention of users.
  • Responsive Websites – With the help of advanced web technologies, video backgrounds can adjust to the different screen sizes of devices.

Parallax Scrolling

A technique used in WordPress development, parallax scrolling is one of the top WordPress website development services in 2023. It refers to the technique in which the web page background changes at a speed that is different from the speed of user scrolls. Some benefits of parallax scrolling are:-

  • Ease of Use – WordPress allows the use of plugins and custom codes which makes it easier for developers to add parallax scrolling to their site.
  • Visual Impact – Offering a visually stunning and engaging user experience, parallax scrolling can help capture user attention.

Dark Mode UI

A popular user interface trend, Dark Mode UI is one of the top WordPress website development services. The dark backgrounds and light text help create an interesting visual that helps reduce eye strain in environments with low light. Some benefits of dark mode UI are:-

  • Energy Efficiency – Dark mode can help reduce energy consumption and strain on the eye.
  • Accessibility – Dark mode can help improve the website’s overall accessibility to make it easier for users to consume website content.

Minimalistic Themes

Minimal designs are a trend in every industry including WordPress website development services. These refer to simple, concise, clean, and uncluttered layouts that help attract users and are soft on the eye. Some common benefits of minimalistic themes are:-

  • Improved User Experience – Since these themes are visually appealing and uncluttered, they help users better consume content.
  • Customization – Minimalistic themes are easily customizable and help developers easily change color themes without affecting the content and its quality.

Voice Search Integration

Another growing trend in WordPress website development services, voice search integration is a growing trend and allows users to easily search content at their convenience. Some benefits are:-

  • Accessibility – Makes it easier for users with disabilities to use the website and find content.
  • Technology Advancements – Developers and non-technical users can easily add voice search integration to their websites due to technological advancements.

White Space

Also known as negative space, white space refers to the unused space around and between web elements. The benefits of this trend include:-

  • Improved User Engagement – Since users are not overwhelmed with much information, it helps create a better user experience and engage users.
  • Responsiveness – White space offers more space that acts as a breathing area and reduces the need for horizontal scrolling.

Drag and Drop Page Builders

Another popular trend in WordPress website development services, drag-and-drop page builders allow users with no technical experience to easily build web applications. Some common benefits of drag-and-drop page builders are:-

  • Customization – Since users can easily develop websites with drag and drop features, there is a better chance for customization.
  • Speed – Drag and drop page builders help save time in the development process and speed up the timeline.

Chatbot Integration

Nowadays, AI is a trend in the technological industry which is why Chabot’s are one of the trending WordPress website development services available in the industry. Some benefits of chatbots are:-

  • 24/7 Availability – Chatbots offer users support throughout the day and are especially helpful for multinational company websites.
  • Cost-Effective – Creating chatbots for support is a better and cheaper alternative to employing a full-fledged customer support team.


Since WordPress is continuously evolving, keeping an eye out on the trending WordPress website development services is essential for your success. These trends will help your business stay updated and bring in more customers.

Interested to know more about WordPress and the emerging WordPress website development services? Hire dedicated WordPress developers and get started with developing custom CMS solutions today!

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