Free point of sale (POS) software for small businesses

Every retail business no matter how big or small can benefit from implementing a Point of Sale (POS) system.

I have been to stores that upon checking out enter product prices into cash registers manually and I find this process time-consuming and prone to mistakes.

By utilizing a POS system, store owners can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Better and more accurate inventory and stock management.
  • Discounts, coupons, and special prices can be implemented easily.
  • Coupled with a barcode scanner, the speed of the checkout process can be increased.
  • Reports for daily / weekly / monthly gross revenue, cost, and profit can easily be generated.

In today’s post, I’ll be recommending both web-based and self-hosted POS solutions.

Most web-based SaaS POS solutions will require you to have a web browser and a stable broadband internet connection to work whereas a self-hosted POS system will require technical expertise to install, manage, and maintain.

If you’re thinking of implementing a POS system for your retail / small business store, the following are 6 free point of sale (POS) software to try out and implement. is a free web-based POS system developed by Erply for the small business community.

The good thing about being web-based is that you won’t need to worry about investing in servers and technical expertise to perform maintenance and software upgrades as the solution provider handles this for you.

With Free POS, store owners can keep track of inventory, register sales, print receipts, and much more. is also a web-based POS system and is free for small businesses with a single-user limitation (max 1000 products, max 1000 lines of transactions per month).

Don’t be fooled by imonggo’s logo! It may look like a POS solution dedicated to a pet store, but it’s more than that it includes a complete retail management solution.

Imonggo’s key features include an intuitive user interface, point of sale, inventory management, sales analysis, business intelligence functions, and customer relationship management. is a web-based POS system and is free for just one cash register with the following limitations (1 store, max 300 records/month, 1 terminal, max 50 products)

A posterita key strength has to be its user interface/terminal which fits nicely in a web browser, your users wouldn’t even realize that it’s a browser. The reason behind this is through the use of Prism, a modified version of Firefox.

Some of posterita’s key features include being optimized for touch screen monitors, cash sales, refund management, cash management, credit management, warehouse/product management, payment processing, and more.

CashierLive is an innovative web-based point of sales software for store owners to run their stores more effectively.

CashierLive offers a 30-day free trial after which if you still want to use it for free, sign up for an associated credit card merchant account that is integrated with CashierLive.

Some of CashierLive’s key features include the ability to track sales and inventory, an easy-to-use POS terminal interface, reporting tools, multi-store support, and more. Read previously written CashierLive Review.

Openbravo POS is an open-source point-of-sale self-hosted solution developed by Openbravo.

Since Openbravo has an ERP solution, this POS module can be easily integrated with the ERP solution giving it a near-complete business application every organization desires.

Openbravo POS was developed using Java, an open-source language that allows system implementors to customize the POS system according to their requirements, a capability most web-based SaaS POS systems can’t achieve.

Loyverse is a POS software package designed for Windows. FreePOS doesn’t cost anything until store owners are ready to grow beyond two terminals and a back office.

FreePOS is designed specifically for the following restaurant types:

  • Neighborhood Bar & Grill
  • Fine Dining
  • Fast Food
  • Pancake House
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Mom ‘n Pop
  • Drive-In/Thru
  • Steak House
  • Buffet
  • Japanese Steak House
  • Pizza / Italian
  • Coffee Shop – Cafe
  • Wireless Handhelds
  • Bar / Night Club
Odoo POS – An Open Source POS Software
Odoo POS is a user-friendly POS that is able to integrate with your sales, inventory, marketing, and eCommerce data.

Some key features of FreePOS include easy-to-use touch screen operations, back-office reporting, dine-in, take-out, delivery mode, integrated gift card, loyalty, and VIP modules.

———— End of free point of sale (POS) software list ————-

Here you go, 7 free points of sale POS software for your small business retail store to try out and implement. Enjoy!

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