How to Create an eCommerce Website in WordPress?

What are you going to do with the additional money in the bank account each month? Well, when you go ahead and have an eCommerce website, one can easily expect to have a huge amount of money when all things are done right.

There are certainly several eCommerce website sellers that aren’t earning enough, but when you are following the best practices and right strategies for eCommerce, it can transform into reality. But before one starts earning, there is the need to set up an eCommerce website. Here we have your step-by-step guide for creating your eCommerce website in WordPress!

The Easy Cheat Sheet

Do you want to create a simple eCommerce website and quickly? Here we have a simple rundown. We shall be taking a look at the details on each of these steps when you need more assistance.

Firstly, you will need to select your domain name and best hosting for large WordPress site that provides a free domain name. Web host provider determines the eCommerce store’s uptime, loading speed, and functionalities, one of the recommendations we have for you is Bluehost.

There is no doubt that this one provides you a quality hosting experience that is cost-effective, reliable and also provides you with several free features like a domain name. It will be a good idea to go for the basic plan and complete the domain name registration before you are finalizing the deal.

Once you complete the setup with the account, you need to go ahead and install WordPress. One of the main reasons for recommending Bluehost is that it will install WordPress for you. All that one needs to do is click some buttons and then you can get the WordPress website live and run easily.

Now by this time, you shall have a general WordPress website. But for converting it into a good online store, there is the need for an eCommerce plugin. Again, here we have selected WooCommerce, but you still have the choice to go for any other that suits your requirements better.

Now the store has to be set up and this includes some tasks that include store page creations, understanding of sales tax, payment methods, and locale setting.

Once the store gets ready, you need to add your services and products. After all, this will not be an online store when one doesn’t have anything for selling. Finally, you just have to choose an amazing theme for the WordPress website and then install some added plugins for helping you gain extended online store capacities. This will also depend on your preferences and needs and you can select everything that you like.

Again if you are confused here the Theme Forest is one of the good choices. You also have the choice of looking at the WordPress plugins directory for installing some extensions like Jetpack, Yoast SEO, and also contact form. All of this can certainly work amazingly for supercharging the store!

Now, this was all for the cheat sheet. Now let us take a look at the small detailed things that you need to focus on while you make your eCommerce website in WordPress!

Detailed Steps to Create an eCommerce Website in WordPress

Whether you are choosing to initiate your online store or any other sort of website, one has to have the domain name and the web hosting services. The domain name is the unique address over the web. It can be a .com domain name.

Web hosting on the flip side works like your remote computer for storing the website and then serves it to people that visit it. There are many amazing WordPress hosting providers but again one of the reliable ones can be Bluehost and Hostinger as these provide you with faster load speed and also includes the domain name for free that is already cost-effective and has a cheaper subscription plan.

Here is all you need to do:

Step 1: Select the Bluehost Subscription plan

Go on the official website and then tap over the big button that says ‘Get Started’. From here you are going to get directed over the page that shows all of the hosting options. As one is looking for something to launch the eCommerce website, it is recommended that you go ahead with the basic plan. This can cost you around $ 2.75 a month and you get a free domain for the first year.

  • Choose the Domain Name

Next, one has to choose the domain name for the new eCommerce store. Tap on the option that says ‘create new domain’ and add the prospective domain names. Once you are doing this Bluehost is going to suggest a list that is available and some similar domain extensions. As we said earlier having .com is a better choice as it seems slightly more professional and can assist you with some additional points for the visitor’s eyes.

Step 2: Now Install WordPress over Bluehost

This is going to initiate the journey of WordPress. Here you have to install the WordPress hosting account. As it is free of cost, there will be no installation charges. Moreover, Bluehost is going to complete the installation process for you.

After you have signed up with them you will get the confirmation email that includes the login credentials. Now you can make use of the information for log-in with Bluehost after which the hosting service is going to guide you through your installation process.

You also have the choice to go on the dashboard for installing WordPress. This initiates the installation instantly. Once this is complete add the website name and username with password. Now you have a blank website ready and it’s time for converting it into a functional eCommerce store.

Step 3:  Choose your Ecommerce Plugin

The main difference between the eCommerce website and the standard website is that it allows you to see products from your website directly. Now you have to install the eCommerce plugin for extending the functionality of your website.  WooCommerce is the one that you can try but there are some other options that you can go for as well.  This includes WP eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Go for the latter one when you specifically want to sell digital products.

Step 4: Set up WooCommerce

This is the step for multi-tasking and needs you to create the essential pages for your store. You can set up locale, sale tax pages, and choose payment methods.

Step 5: Add the Services and Products for Sale

For officially launching your eCommerce store, one has to add services, products, or downloads. Basically, whatever you are planning to sell in the database. Go on the dashboard and tap on the products and then on Add products.

Step 6: Select the Theme for Your WordPress Ecommerce Website

The theme will determine how the content will be seen by visitors. The WordPress advantage is that one can change as well as customize the themes as per the need with unique designs and set the website apart from the competitors.

Final Thoughts

That’s It! You have now made your eCommerce website through WordPress. One might have realized how making your eCommerce store through WordPress is easy when one has the correct guidance. Hopefully, the steps we mentioned above will help you to get the eCommerce website in WordPress running and you start earning quickly.  Make sure that you are also adding content that’s engaging for ranking higher on the search engines and that too organically.

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