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Have you ever wondered why certain businesses just do better than their competitors even though they are all providing the same products and services?

To every business, there are various aspects to it which include the suppliers, the workforce, the target market, the products, etc. But one thing is for sure, all businesses have their very own unique processes when it comes to doing business.

Let’s take an example of hiring new staff. Company A would ensure they go through a process whereby all candidates are required to go through at least 3 rounds of interviews and given a score accordingly by each interviewer. Only after all candidates have gone through all interviews would they make a decision to hire based on how well the interviewee scored. Company B on the other hand would just interview and offer the job based on looks and personality. When it comes to the hiring process, all organizations would do it differently depending on costs and requirements.

I personally believe that a business that adopts a proven process that is continually improved over time has an advantage over its competitors. Having proper processes in place helps the entire organization to be consistent, detailed, and most importantly focused. An organization that has few predefined processes usually results in:

  • Bad service/product quality
  • Late delivery
  • Inconsistent deliverable
  • Frustrated employees

The bottom line, is Unhappy Customers!

If your organization is currently running without proper processes in place, it’s not too late to start. A good way to begin would be to utilize business process modeling software. In case you’re wondering how a bpm modeling software helps, at the very least, you will be able to create a process model diagram that can be distributed to staff for them to be aware of and implement. Some software can even go the distance to assist in automating the process through systems/web applications.

If this excites you, then the following are four free business modeling software to try and evaluate:


TIBCO Business Studio is a Free Business Modeling Software with the purpose to unify modeling, management, simulation, and implementation of a process within an environment.

Within one process, different views can be generated. One for IT while another for business definitely encourages collaboration between the two entities. With both working hands in hand, you can be assured of seamless and flawless process automation.

Some key features of TIBCO Business Studio include suppport for XPATH and XSLT, inline subprocesses for performance optimization, support additional workflow patterns, etc.


Bizagi Process Modeler is one of the easiest to-use process modeling software in the BPM Market. The software’s drag-and-drop features make it very user-friendly, even a nontechnical person is able to create and map out processes.

If you’re looking for a process modeler which supports any of the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian or dutch, then Bizagi Process Modeler has these languages supported.

Some key features of Bizagi Process Modeler include BPMN notation support, the ability to create quality process documents in word or pdf, export/import process information from Visio, XPDL, or images. Once your processes have been modeled, they can be automated through the Bizagi Studio which includes the entire BPM lifecycle.


Questetra BPM Suite is more than just modeling software – it’s an entire BPM Suite. The free version of this software allows a maximum of 10 processes to be executed concurrently.

With Questetra BPM Suite, you can draw design process diagrams, customize the interface, import and export process archives, and more. From the user’s perspective, he / she will first be authenticated before being allowed to access the system. Once logged in, the user can check offered tasks, view the lists of undertaken and allocated tasks.

For administrators, they can easily monitor the statuses of the processes, whether the tasks have been completed, etc. As for system administration, user management, data backup and access / audit logs are all part of the this ready made bpm suite.

Read a quick review on Questetra BPM Suite.

Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful open source business process management solution which is applicable for simple to complex processess.

The Bonita Studio which meets the business process management notation standard (BPMN) is part of the Bonita Open Solution which includes the Bonita Execution Engine and Bonita User Experience.

One strong point about Bonita Open Solution is its great user experience which is quite similar to your standard email Inbox for you to easily and quickly organize your work, follow up on tasks / cases and collaborate with colleagues.

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So here you go, four Free Business Process Modeling Software for you to try and evaluate. Enjoy!

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  • For a company looking to implement business automation software…would your offer serve as a conerstone of where to begin?

  • Additional free tool that allows process modeling and more –>

    ADONIS:Community Edition is a free version of the BPM toolkit ADONIS aimed both at users new to the business process management, who need an intuitive tool for documenting processes and publishing them as HTML and Word, as well as BPM practitioners, who want more sophisticated options like process simulation, performance monitoring, and risk management support.

  • AccuProcess provides process modeling solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes. AccuProcess Modeler product is a visual, easy-to-use business process modeling software that helps business people DOCUMENT, SIMULATE and IMPROVE their business processes. AccuProcess has created its product for business users and with the aim of helping put business people in charge of business processes.

    Note: AccuProcess Modeler is being offered for free use till August 1, 2010. You may download the current version for free and use it till that date. At that point it will be available for purchase.

  • Hi, I’m Elena from Webratio! Thanks for this valued article!!!
    We’ve just relased a FREE Bpm Tool to design processes and generate web-apps to execute them…

    Information and download here:

    Here are main features:

    – The tool is not only a BPMN editor, but it let you also generate in one click a Web application that execute the processes
    – The tool let you also export professional documentation in html, pdf or rtf

    bye, Elena

  • If you are looking for a free tool providing professional support for BPM initiatives, check out ADONIS:Community Edition ( It allows BPMN 2.0 modelling, simulation, process analysis and publication

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