The Realities of Being an Entrepreneur

Saturday 10 January 2015 @ 12:24 am in Management

How interesting is it to start your own business? Definitely, we would all wish to own our own businesses. Sometimes people just say, “You must be so lucky,” or “it must be relieving to be out of that rat of a race.” The truth is that none of these statements are true. As for the “rat race,” while it’s very different, it’s a competition like no other.

Here is the real truth about all aspects that revolve around entrepreneurship. Let’s dive:

Entrepreneurship can be very stressful

If you think attaining your boss or supervisor’s deadlines is tough, try attaining yours, especially when your eyes are focused on savings. Maybe your credit cards are already maxxed out because you took another mortgage. Or, you are in the hook to repay a large amount of money you borrowed from your friend or family member. This pressure is a fire in itself and may light up a hell even in the most laid back people. The only thing that comes to mind is perhaps to work tirelessly so as to regain some semblance and comfort of financial security. Continue reading… »

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